~two moon days~

my camera isn't the best for taking nice photos of the moon (note to self~when i need to replace it get one that i can take good moon-shots!) but i like to take photos anyway and make you suffer them!

the night before last it rose, almost full and was a glorious apricot color~

last night she rose from behind the trees where the buzzards nest~all i could see was a huge white disc broken by leafy branches~because of our high wooden fence i could not sit in comfort and watch her rise but stood, transfixed watching as she slowly cleared the trees almost seeming to suddenly float free of the trees into the night sky~

despite feeling a bit off with my moontime i am feeling the moon~energy today and think it will be a good day for divination and journaling...

~dowsing avebury~

stopping for a quick chat among the stones~

seasprite,yours truly,crystal and swampy

i was given these dowsing rods by a very good friend, carp, who is also responsible for my learning the didgeridoo...(he is also responsible for the avebury photos posted here today~thank you!)

he started dowsing last year and i was going to eventually ask him to have me a set made~but he surprised me with these on saturday, so of course i wanted to try them immediately and luckily for me carp had been on a dowsing workshop in avebury and so knew what to show me.

yours truly and crystal dowsing the bands of energy

starting at the bottom of the stone the rods detected different bands of energy~we did it singly, then with two of us then with three and our rods all detected the energy at the same time~it was a fantastic experience~even swampy, who never really believed it had a go and was amazed.

of course it wasn't all dowsing~there was plenty of chatting and laughs

roses and lizziefairy

crystal and kit

feeling the vibrations from the 'devils chair'

lovely fae folk :)

~of a gathering, heat & beautiful people~

we set off for avebury on thursday on a very hot day indeed, although luckily we only live fifty miles from the campsite so did not face a long drive.

our journey took us across salisbury plain and it was baking hot and we drove by stonehenge, which was heaving with people...i last visited stonehenge many years ago~in fact i was eighteen, long before the fences were put around the stones.

looking through the fence as we passed and seeing how far people are kept from the stones and how many people there were all around its hard to imagine feeling any of the energies of the stones~

on we drove until the campsite surprised us down a small road~parked up we had a lovely view

and a lovely sunset

friday was so very hot and was a day for sitting in the shade with a book and watching the buzzards drifting above us and the robin family busy flitting in and out of the hedgerow of hawthorn that surrounded the site

and of course it was a time for our friends from across the country to drift in ready for the day out at avebury the next day.

the lovely roses trying to contact a friend~this is the lady who has created the wonderful jewellery that swampy has had made for me over the past year

a really unusual weather vane which swampy is going to try to replicate for our own garden

sujee, seawitch bythesea and chrissie

kit who originally brought us all together through her Stonewylde books kindly hired the little village hall for the day~originally in the event that it was cold and wet.
as it was it proved a welcome respite from the heat where people would drift in and out throughout the day to shelter from the sun

sujee and bilbo

as we all heading back to a canal side pub for the evening to eat the moon was riding high above the stones.


it was a truly magical day and one that i think we all never wanted to end~from a random group of people from all walks of life and all with differing spiritual paths who came together through kits amazing books over the last few years we have grown into a very special family~a little tribe of wonderful, beautiful people

~another award!~

crystalrainbow has kindly given me this award***

thank you lovely lady i am very honoured and pleased to have tripped across your blog so by accident!

~a peaceful night~

we are off today in pretty pagan for a few days

we have found a little, and more importantly, peaceful campsite close to the kennet and avon canal.

tomorrow friends of ours will start to arrive and on saturday we shall be meeting up with other friends at avebury

the weather forecast is good and so tonight i shall be sat out under the stars, gazing up at the waxing moon and sending thoughts to all my friends out here

~the grumps~

self portrait wearing my green man t shirt~too cold to take off my jacket!

this was taken last week when i was in a considerably better humor~this week i am in a rather evil mood and sad to say taking it out on the world in general.

i am finding it difficult to feel calm and collected and centred~i think things snowballed~the breakdown in 'pretty pagan' and the subsequent bill meaning we had to cut short our short break next week and day out in glastonbury, my hospital visit and the uncomfortable pains that followed, feeling really tired...well actually feeling completely exhausted...

its all left me a very unhappy bunny to say the least~ho hum

maybe i need a tonic, i think its time to get my herbal books out and see what i can conjure up~or maybe it will be something as simple as a very early night with my book and a mug of hot milk...


~'time for bed' said zebedee~

its been a busy week this week in the new forest~not the least today.

i was at our little cottage hospital this morning to had my long awaited hysterscopy (or as i like to call it my hysterical-scopy.
as i had a general anesthetic i was happily oblivious to the indignity that followed and before i knew it i was being woken up and shortly after wheeled to my room.

did i say 'my room'? why yes indeed i did. when i arrived i expected to be on a small ward, but no i had my own room complete with bathroom and TV~which i didn't have time watch!

so now i wait six weeks until i find out whats what when i see my consultant again.


last night i had some good news~my final essay for my present course came back with a rather good 70%~now i just need to get my exam out of the way and then i am faced with eight months of freedom!


at the weekend we ventured back into dorset for our yearly h van rally~despite no longer owning our h van we still went along and will continue to go to support the group.

i love this campsite for where we always park up faces the neolithic dorset cursus...

and the land around it is full of barrows...


for now i shall leave you with this for the anesthetic is still drifting through my system and i have become so very sleepy...

~posting a day late~

we took a beltene stroll to the old clay pits this morning

the sun was 'sort of shining' and the rabbits hurried away as we appeared~the buzzards who had been crying their cries earlier were nowhere to be seen.


the day ran away from us at this point for we had to take my sister's dog billy to the vets as he has an allergy to some plant here int he forest and so needed a couple of injections.
we dropped him back at mum's, reassured her he was okay, had a cup of tea and came away with two small hawthorn saplings from her garden.

i have a plan to have as many of the sacred tree's as possible on our small patch of land and to date now have***

rowan~long known as an aid and protection against enchantment,indicates protection and control of the senses from enchantment and beguiling and of course sacred to the Druids and Brigit. It is a very magical tree used for wands, rods, amulets and spells

oak~has been considered sacred by just about every culture, but it was and still is held in reverance by the Druids and Celts because of its size and long life.

holly~associated with the death and rebirth symbolism of winter.In Arthurian legend, Gawain (representing the Oak King of summer) fought the Green Knight, who was armed with a holly club to represent winter.

hazel~enlist the aid of plant fairies by stringing hazelnuts on a cord and hang up in your house. Magically, hazel wood is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and poetic inspiration.

hawthorn~the tree closely associated with Beltene and which is filling the land with its white flowers.


its been a weekend of distractions; trying to get my essay finished, helping swampy where i can with the final stages of fitting out 'pretty pagan' and of course small pups demanding attention!

still i finally am able to publish this post!