Today was a good day too(: My best friend (A new one haha)
invited me & 2 friends to go to a meal because it was the party
of her aunt, so we talk & laugh a lot! Then we went to my house
& we stayed talking & listening to music in the car of a friend, it
was nice
Today was a fun day! I went with my friends to another place for skating, this one
have ramps a lot of them! I jump in just one of them because I need some experience
haha & I took photographs to my friends & I edited them as well. They're awesome
well I think that haha we are even more tan now but it was worth it(: In the afternoon
I went with my grandmother & now I'm back home, but I forgot the charger of my
iPhone D: so I hope tomorrow I'll have it again haha have a good night
So this monday I started reading this book which is about angels & to find your
second mind & stuff like that, I'm starting to like it though haha Yesterday I went
with my new "best friend" it's a weird story how it started haha We went to go skate
rolling all my body hurts! but it was worth it haha
Today was the football game "ItalyVSGermany" & well I love
Germany!! So I was hoping for it to win but they didn't :( haha
All the afternoon my brother & I were watching movies haha then my
best friend Danny went to my home :D She brought ice cream ooh' I
love her even more for that! hahaha & we watched another movie it was
a funny one, the Scary Movie. They always make me laugh a lot. Until 
now there has been 4 movies we watch haha 

Damn! I forgot about you

Hahaha I never post lookbooks so hardcores because it's not
my style you know? but a friend told me it could be a good
idea to photoshoot my bad ass side haha weird I know but I
had fun doing it(: You can find it here


belated solstice blessing to you all
here we had a day and night of grey sky and rain so my planned small and peaceful sit by my little fire did not take place.
we have had rain, high winds, some sunshine~really the most bizarre weather for what should be flaming june.
although to be fair when the clouds do clear it is very hot.


its been a funny week here in the forest~more so because we should not really be here at all.

we have had long term plans to be in yorkshire this week~firstly visiting my friend lina (for the very first time!) who lives in east yorkshire and then crossing to west yorkshire for our friends 50th birthday party tonight.
well last week swampy went into hospital to have facet joint injections into his spine in an attempt to give him some pain relief~however he has been in more pain than ever and could not manage the long drive up or sleeping in the camper
(i really hope it is just taking its time in working as the poor thing is very grumpy with the pain too)

well i was awake from about 3am this morning as my fibro was giving me painful 'restless' legs so i put my little headphones on to listen to the radio~i must have nodded off for i suddenly woke up to hear a reporter talking about todmorden and hebden bridge being flooded...we were to have been camping in hebden bridge from last wednesday and the party is in todmorden tonight.
needless to say i had to get up and put the news on.

i keep thinking what would have happened if we were camped up as mismi lives in his cage out in our awning when camping.

i haven't yet heard from our friends yet but hoping they are safe.

i have been so upset about not going up to see all my friends, to the point i had to stop thinking about it for fear of bursting into tears but now i think in a roundabout way something was forcing us to stay home.


i became really upset (yes about something else...its been one of those weeks!) in the week as our new neighbours pulled up every single plant in their front and back garden...
they had a large machine come in to rip up plants and bushes by the stumps.
for most of the day, on and off the machine was going so loud we could not have our doors or windows open and when we went to hang out washing we could not hear each other talk.
we were both also worried that the six foot wood panel fence that luckily shields us from them was going to fall down as the machine was so close.
i think it would have been neighbourly to maybe pop a note in our door to say there was going to be so much noise for much of the day.
the beautiful flower bed that ran down the side of the house and along the front is now just bare earth, and from what we have seen through their open back gate on our way out, so is the back...
just churned up earth.
the worse thing is a few days earlier i heard baby birds in one of their bushes~i feel heartbroken.
everyone here in our little cul-de-sac is just devastated.

i had to go back to the doctors as well
this flipping virus is still with me
i think the two courses of antibiotics helped a little but the cough is still here as bad a s ever so now i have two nasal sprays~one to use three times daily for a week, one to use twice daily for i don't know how long and next week i have to go and have a chest x ray
(here in England right now there is an advertising campaign about long term persistent coughing and lung cancer)
i have to admit i have not been feeling my best this week (another sign we should not have gone away?)...well i never feel good, but i feel 'okay' in my own way so to feel bad i know i must be bad...does that make sense?!
i have three weeks for it to clear if not my doctor wants me to go back.

i have been so very tired and going to bed between 7-8pm either with my book or to listen to the radio.


i am trying to do very little this weekend as i am going to london with my sister next week~we have tickets for the centre court at wimbledon on tuesday~so i really need to save my 'spoons'...if we had gone to yorkshire we were coming home on sunday ready for me to go off.

i do feel bad about about going off and leaving swampy as he is really struggling~he doesn't really let on much about it but i can always tell how he is and i try to do more around the house so he does not do it himself.
the trouble is we live in a catch-22 situation~we both have problems to deal with and each try to do more so the other does not have to!

i keep reassuring myself i will be only gone for one whole day and we have food etc in plus my mum is only five minutes away if need be.

anyway i best get myself sorted as we are going to my mums for the afternoon

have a good day all and if any of your reading this are in the flooded areas be safe


RIU's Aniversary

A friend & I were photographers of the event the RIU's Hotel was
doing, they fullfilled a year since they build it & they celebrated with
a red carpet, a conference & a dinner. Basically our job within 15 
teens was to take photos to the one's that were arriving to the hotel, 
so they felt important haha we were like paparazzis, it was like vintage
so they gave us this fun camaras that use photographic roll. They gave
us a cortesy to go to the buffet (Breakfast or Dinner) for two people,
it was nice, I would want money but that was cool hahaha
This is Milo, a friend asked me to take care of them because
a friend of her gave it to her but her sister is allergic to it. So I
told her that it was ok, she then told me that "Now is yours!"
& I was like heey what? My mom doesn't like cats neither my
father :S but he stayed all the thursday at my house & my 
brother, even my mother were liking him & me what can I say?
he is lovely! in the morning I let him sleep with my in my bed haha
but few hours before he was crying a lot & he doesn't want to
eat &  I was freaking out & even more because my father didn't
want him, so I let him in the park, alone at night :( I feel awful but
what can I do? I hope he is fine & tomorrow I could find him to
find him a home for him because he's just a baby, he doesn't deserve
this, because after all, he's an animal & a life :( 
This wednesday I went to pick up my grades as I told you but in vain 
haha because they didn't gave me anything because my father forgot to
pay haha but my friends & I went to take breakfast at Black Coffee,
my gorda stayed in my house & we went to be roller skating in a park
special for it with another friend(: It was nice because he can do tricks 
we only watched & skate a little bit. I edited this 2 photos trying to make
the eye fish effect with Photoshop, haha it's not the same but it's something.

I dyed my hair again, this would be like the third time
haha but this time I wanted very black! So now is
wet but when it get dry I'll found out that haha or maybe
until tomorrow with the day light, for now I'll go to read
my book & go to bed because tomorrow I need to pick
my grades at the school(:
Well this morning I went with my mom to the supermarket & then I
hanged out with my friends, I sleep like 2 hours & it relly felt soo good
haha then my mom & I went to my ex boyfriend's house (RĂ³man) not the
other one! haha my mom wanted to talk with his mom oh' well & I spend
like 1 hour editing this photo to make it vintage, I remembered that Nadie
post once photos with a vintage effect so I decided to give it a try & well
it was fine to be my first editing! Her post is here

Today is Father's Day & we gave to my dad his presents
since 12:00am haha at morning my mom did a delicious
breakfast, reeeeally! haha Then we went to eat at a restaurant
of mexican food, then we went for an ice cream & now we
are here resting at home(: it was a nice day I think! & I love
the photos we take today! 
As I told you this friday we celebrated the Father's day
with my grandfather (father's mom) it was nice, we ate
pay & chocoflan! haha we were not all the cousins & sisters
of my mom but it was enough with the one's that were there
& even more because my grandmather is now with us, her
opperation was good & now she'll be with us 10 years more
(at least that is what the doctors say) I hope so! 

Au Revoir!

I'll be at the beach for the next week.  Yippee!!!

photo:  toast

~pottering & salad in a jar~

i have been in pottering mode this well as blogging more than usual.

*pottering in the garden*

we have had a custom size cage built for mismi~his cage was fine except for when it rains. two thirds of the top is the door so in wet weather it gets wet when cleaning him out.
so we have had a rather swish two level cage four foot long, three foot high and two foot deep...

so now i have to share the nook with mismi as it is the only place that will be shaded from the sun (ahem...when it shines!) as our garden is a huge suntrap and ferrets do not like the heat
at all.
so i trimmed the rambling rose where it is growing up the fence that faces east, moved the few plants that were growing at the base and we have moved mismi's hone there~i just need swampy to cut a wooden base for it and it will go a little further me more of my nook back!

in building the footprint of the g*c swampy has had to build up the edge of the flower bed that is cody's and add an extra step to the two that lead to the end of the garden.
he had a small off cut which i appropriated and stood on two pots to act as a small garden table ~enough to hold two mugs, my piece of granite, one of my antlers and my mini cauldron i use for burning incense...

each day it is dry i pop out to do a little dead-heading and check my wild garden over~it really has become a beautiful wild garden, the kind i have always wished for...

that's my friend calv's little house and we enjoy many a chat over the fence

the day i took that photo was a surprisingly sunny day, i sat in my nook and just kept gazing up at the blue, cloudless sky as we had just come out of a few days where it rained so hard many areas of the south was flooded.

meet vita...

my pottering created some garden waste so we popped down the 'tip'
(waste recycling centre...i still go with tip!) and of course i had to have a little look in the 'shop' that is down there and came away with two little side plates and a jar minus lid...

so sweet


the next morning...

well the pond is now properly in place and stepping stones laid leading from our archway to where the g*c door will be and we just need to now lay bark chippings (no lawn-our two attempts at a nice lawn were a dismal failure) and some slate around the edge of the pond.
the pump has actually been in a bit longer as we were keen to test it...

i am slightly obsessed by the tiny bowl that collects the water on its way down.

the waterfall is made up of a fibreglass mould that has been covered in ground cement and i am glad to see small patches of lichen already colonising it.


well last week i was intrigued by a part of a post by boho mom about a salad in a jar and thought what a fantastic idea it was, especially given how by about 4pm i am usually beaten down by my m.e/fibro and not up to cooking.
so when we went shopping i bought 3 kilner jars and my usual salad stuff and got to chopping...

 ...white cabbage, broccoli, carrot, organic heritage tomatoes, cucumber, salad onions, sweet red pepper, pine nuts and some new forest grown salad leaves i found in the farm shop.
i am not a huge fan of dressing as it masks the taste of the veggies so no dressing here.

i have to say it works really well and does keep it really fresh~the salad leaves went a tad limp and the pine nuts were not as crunchy but it was a great salad and was if i had just made it up.
because of the size of our fridge i can only keep three jars but that's is fine.
so if you saw boho's post and thought about having a go, then do so!