Yesterday a friend invited us to his house to take the meal
there & to hang out in his terrace to drink & just have a 
good time. We bought beers & a rum bottle but we only
drank rum, we were playing truth or dare but without dare
haha & then I returned to my house to do lots of homework
haha but it was worth it
Yesterday was a normal day but as you can see we
took some photos, & with Santiago, I love that boy!
he's a good friend of mine (: & the girls ooh' I love
them all
This week has been fun, I love to take pictures with
my friends, & in some way or another I missed school
they're the best !!
Today I went to my analysis & tomorrow we'll know finally what
is going on with me, I hope nothing too serious. Today at my
aerobics class, God! I was so tired! it was exhausting! but I
think it's worth doing! At night Edgar went to my house & we
talked & hang out a little bit, nice start of week!
I had Starbucks at my work (My Dad brought it
to me) A new blouse that I'll show you latter in a
lookbook, Little Cesars at dinner & a lot of thoughts
left in silence & thinks that will change with the time...

Always Inspiring....

Ralph Lauren


Have a fabulous weekend. 

All homes pictured are for sale, in England, through savills.
Ralph Lauren Fall 2012
Nothing has changed a lot, this week I did absolutely nothing but
sleep in my afternoons, the flash of my professional camara was not
working so I took it to the garanty & I'll be at least 15 days without
her :( tomorrow they're going to do my some tests because my
wealth hasn't been the best lalety but I don't know if they''re going
to do them tomorrow. One last thing, I got my hair cut as you can 
see I have again my fringe, I'm happy now haha & that's all. &
the first photo is a test about my personallity they did me at school &
I think it describes me very well, what do you think? Have a nice weekend  

~tardy, so very tardy!~

well here i am again with my tardy of late blog.

i really must do better-i have just spent an hour catching up with some blogs, i will try to get round to more the next few days.

we have a busy few days coming up as we have the

 love convoy and camp

near the Rollrights at the weekend...

followed by a

blue moon gathering

on friday at the Rollright stones

just our group of stonewylder's, for we have special permission to have the area just for us, for the whole night!
there are two lay-by's on the land by the stones so there will be a few of us with campers set up and pop up tents are allowed.
we are all going to try to stay up until dawn so i am baking some goodies and making sure we have plenty of milk to make hot chocolate.

we will camp the saturday night at a site near the Rollrights then head off to the Malverns for

so we have been busy sorting out food, getting blankets washed, buying the little bits and pieces we need-so on friday i shall spend the day stocking the camper, putting in the bedding and choosing my books for the weekend (one book is never enough!)

and of course this year my beautiful Delta Blue will be travelling with us-Calv has kindly let me borrow his padded banjo bag while i am away, until i get get my own hard case.


on our way home we are stopping off at a ferret rescue to introduce mismi to other ferrets-as he has been a lone ferret since he left his litter mates and mum we are not sure how he will take to living with other ferrets so before we commit to taking another on it is important to make sure.
we are hoping that he does take to other ferrets and that we will be able to bring home a companion for him.


well time is ticking on tonight so i must get young mismi out for his evening playtime then get some dinner on the go.

Love, love, love

Today I had my first aerobics class at school & it was fun haha
actually it was! I went with pants at school & I swear it was the
most comfortable thing in this world! haha I should wear them all
week hahaha & guess what? Edgar send me flowers!! awww I
love them they're so pretty !!! all of this was with a little help of
Daniela but it was the sweetest thing, really! I loved it!
This friday I also went to a party buuut it was rainning
a lot so all the streets were awash so it was impposible
to get to the salon. We needed to walked like 20 meters
to the entrance with all the water that was to our knees!
We ended up all wet. I brought my brother to the party
to get him socialize, it went well I guess so, all my friends
liked him (: after all I had a good time more than being
at my home doing nothing
This friday I went on a date with Edgar (: We we're
dating about two years ago but my parents didn't let
me to, because he's 4 years older than me & I don't
know he didn't like him. But we're trying it again &
it's doing well, at least for me. We went to eat at
Sushi Factory & then to be on the mall hanging out
I liked it, & mostly important I like to be with him,
we'll see, we'll see.
My first week was ok, I didn't like a lot my subjects
because there's so little about communications & a lot
of filling subjects so it's not going to be so fun as I 
expected. But we start already laughing, a friend got
stuck on the bathroom as you can see & I talk a lot
with my best friend Daniela so it's nice (By the way
her glasses definately are not for my face) haha we're
trying to get our old school because we're not allowed
to go out anymore, so wish us luck with that


Not my picture, but it could be!
I'm here in New York for the NYIGF.
Send me an email if you're here and want to meet up.
Javits or bust.

The Mighty Black Accent

Trying to find the common thread as to why I'm drawn to these spaces, it occurred to me that they all have something black in the mix.  I love a bit of black in a room!

Perfect porch

It even works in a pool house!

Rabbit art by Rona Green

OK, this one has nothing to do with the black candlestick...I am dying over this cobra sculpture!!!

Have a fantastic Thursday!

all photos:  Adore Home Magazine

Bragging Rights

I think its safe to say that we all love and can appreciate a beautiful photograph.  But when the pictures are of your family members, there is a sense of pride and urge to share.  
I want to share these photos with you all.

(Remember when Shannon was pregnant last summer?)
(Then we got to see Olivia's newborn photos!)

My niece, Olivia turned one in July -- here are some of the photos taken to mark her birthday....

all photos:  Shey Marin