~tardy, so very tardy!~

well here i am again with my tardy of late blog.

i really must do better-i have just spent an hour catching up with some blogs, i will try to get round to more the next few days.

we have a busy few days coming up as we have the

 love convoy and camp

near the Rollrights at the weekend...

followed by a

blue moon gathering

on friday at the Rollright stones

just our group of stonewylder's, for we have special permission to have the area just for us, for the whole night!
there are two lay-by's on the land by the stones so there will be a few of us with campers set up and pop up tents are allowed.
we are all going to try to stay up until dawn so i am baking some goodies and making sure we have plenty of milk to make hot chocolate.

we will camp the saturday night at a site near the Rollrights then head off to the Malverns for

so we have been busy sorting out food, getting blankets washed, buying the little bits and pieces we need-so on friday i shall spend the day stocking the camper, putting in the bedding and choosing my books for the weekend (one book is never enough!)

and of course this year my beautiful Delta Blue will be travelling with us-Calv has kindly let me borrow his padded banjo bag while i am away, until i get get my own hard case.


on our way home we are stopping off at a ferret rescue to introduce mismi to other ferrets-as he has been a lone ferret since he left his litter mates and mum we are not sure how he will take to living with other ferrets so before we commit to taking another on it is important to make sure.
we are hoping that he does take to other ferrets and that we will be able to bring home a companion for him.


well time is ticking on tonight so i must get young mismi out for his evening playtime then get some dinner on the go.