Happy New Year!!

It's the best!!  A new year, a new start, a new chance, a new beginning....and time to pick a new calendar!  I love choosing our kitchen calendar.  This year we went with a fairly generic "wildlife" one from The Smithsonian.  (For some reason, I cannot find it on the interwebs to grab a photo.)

 What's hanging in your kitchen?


~spectacles & woods~

these days we walk mostly around the area known as the ornamental drive which is about ten minutes from our little home.
if you remember a previous post this was where the herd of deer crossed our path.

this is now a favorite walk of ours-always in the hope of seeing more deer.

Rhinefield House-this is as close as we can get from the narrow road, but via google earth you can see the ornate gardens laid out and see how isolated it is.

if you look closely at the next four photos you can see our wishes were fulfilled today...

this little roe deer (and i am pleased to say a native deer species)suddenly popped its head up from where it must have been laying in the bracken. it was only about 5-6 meters from us, across a ditch and for some minutes we just stood in silence as it looked from us to flynt-who was totally unaware he was being watched and was busy looking for a fresh twig or pine cone.

can you see the little speck me at the bottom of the tree?


i hope you all had a wonderful festive Yule?

it was quiet here, with two days being busy and devoted to family gathering.
the rest of the time it has just been swampy, flynt and myself-walking, reading and model making (swampy not me!)
i received a fine collection of reading material which i shall be posting about later.

yesterday i had to take my new glasses back to the optician-i really cannot get used to bi focals and was getting neck ache and eye strain! the optician has been able to sort me put a lens that i can use for both lap-top and close work without the need for bi focals and agreed that i can manage without the long distance lens for a while yet.

i shall now stop here and stop by and visit you!

I Hope Beyonce Likes Birkin Bags...

...because she got a shit-ton of them $350,000 worth of them according to the New York Post.  Apparently Jay-Z was shopping privately at the Madison Ave. Hermes boutique on Christmas Eve.  Just how many Birkin Bags does $350,000 get ya?

photo: Huffington Post

Chapel Living

The first staircase featured from yesterday's post is the staircase from this renovated chapel.  I thought I'd show the rest of the home.
The light from those windows is truly divine (pun intended!)

Clearly a house where children live, but the artwork keeps this home from being too juvenile.

all photos: OWI

Stairway To.....

I'm looking forward to a new year.
Only a few days left in 2010 --
Onward and Upward!

photos: OWI