~a post before my travels~

today we are off to the dolmen~free spirits camp.
just until Sunday but a chance to enjoy this sudden Indian summer that has hit us~it really is hotter then the summer months here.

Pretty Pagan is packed up and all i have to do is hang the beautiful bunting that Robyn sent me...

swampy has been spending the week painting our bedroom and so a couple of days of relaxing and live music will be good for him.

when we return the decorating will continue and for me its the start of my studies, with the next module of my history degree to start on.

~i hope you all have a wonderful weekend~whatever you are doing~

Ralph Lauren Always Gets It Right

I'd like to jump into a Ralph Lauren 'Inspiration Book' and stay there.  Living *that* life.

The stunning photos by Jamie {From Me To You} put the icing on the cake.

You Know I Love Snake Jewelry, But I Bet You Didn't Know This

It's always time, in my opinion, for a good skull design and a good piece of snake jewelry.  This time of year they're out in full force.  Here are some of my favorites...

Roberto Cavalli

Totally smokin' hot leather cuff with snake charm-- by jeweler Andrea Gutierrez.
The good news about these?  We sell them at Roxie Daisy.  Don't think I'm beyond flirting with an inanimate object....I wink at them and whisper sweet nothings to them when no one is looking.

Have a great day, everyone!

Is It Lay Down Or Lie Down?

gummy-bear-skin rug


Today was just an insane & creepy day, not
one of my best days but what can I do? I
felt all day in classes very dizzy & with a
horrible hedache but now I'm better, so
I decided to do a new lookbook & here are
some photos of them, by the way my Math
grade is 9.5 I still don't believe it haha the
only subjects that were a little down was CTVS
with 7.5 & LegislaciĆ³n de los medios de la Com
with 7.7 but I know I can do better for the next

There Should Be a Song About Tuesdays

Tuesdays are just so Tuesday-ish.

What are you planning to do to keep it sexy today?











Just ignore the photo haha I took it today
while I was watching some videos on youtube
haha well my grades are not as good as I wished
but what can I say? that's what happen when
you go on vacations during exam's week haha
so I was thinking about doing videos but I have
a lot of things to do sometimes so it could be hard
& I'm not so funny so... haha well that's all for now


I can never get enough TOAST!

 I am loving this gold/mustard color for fall!

While we're at it, I'll take this cute dress and the boots, please:

Have a great Monday!

all photos:  TOAST