...to the wise me:

I saw this and it just spoke to me.  So true...I am deathly afraid of making the same mistakes that I've made in the past.

Have a great Friday!  xo

Dip Dye Wall {Paper}!

I would so love to do this!  Too trendy?  I don't care.

 This Aqua Blue is my favorite.

Saraille wallpaper via Rockett St. George
Spotted on pinterest via Poppytalk

~on swampys coat!~

you find me still sporting this bruxus/migraine/sickness issue but i thought i would quickly pop by because a couple of you lovely folk asked about swampys coat from my last post.
he bought it when we went to busfest back in septemeber from our friend and initially tried it on and put it back...i think he thought it was a bit too wacky for him!
however he was with a gaggle of women-me, step daughter o' mine, niece and sister and we all loved it on him and so he relented and bought it.
it is a heavy cotton patchwork with little images in some of the patches and lined with a nice warm fleece...this is one very similar from our friends shop...
hope today finds you all well...i am now off to take more tablets and continue to fend this off...ohh and the sickness maybe a bug that is going around the village!

~rain...& more rain...~

well here in this ancient forest it has rained, rained some more then for good measure rained a smidge bit more and one day/night we had gale force winds as well.
as i sit here typing it is grey...actually no, its dark out the window although not raining...yet.
the weather forecasters has assured us that after today it will dry out and when out with flynt this morning the north wind was decidedly chilly even wrapped up in harris, scarf, hat and gloves!
yesterday we took flynt to one of our usual walks near some barrows and for the first time ever...remember i have lived her for 41 years...i could see the usual gentle stream that is ober water from the car park that is up the hill from it...
we decided to walk down to take some photos...making sure flynt was on his lead as this is the place he usually goes to paddle in the summer...

 the stream is now running over the pathway, i think swampy got wet feet crossing it...


the water stopped just inches from the bottom of the bridge...usually there is a gap of about 4ft.
a few weeks ago we saw this little calf in the village when we was only a day or so old, luckily, despite the weather he/she is thriving...
i was at the doctors early this morning to have my flu jab and my arm is starting to get the 'dead' feeling i used to get at school when we all gave each other 'dead' arms and legs. i am just hoping i do not get the usual 'fake flu' symptoms...

Leave it to a Brit....

I dare say that nowhere on Earth is tea more popular than in Great Britain.  So it is quite apropos that Richard Brendon has taken the lovely little tea cup and saucer and rocked it out.

These bone china tea cups have been painted in highly reflective platinum and are paired up with orphan saucers.  When the cup is placed in the saucer you see the reflection of the saucer's design!

 The project named ‘Reflect’ "arose from one of Richard Brendon’s objectives, which is to give use back to otherwise redundant objects, such as lonely saucers."  

This idea, and the resulting beauty, makes me very happy indeed.

Coastal Fresh

I'm at the beach!  Not a vacation, mind you, but on the road working.  My territory includes Delaware, so I'm staying at a friend's beach house.   
(I love my job.)

Working gives way to time off  and early morning web-surfing....
With all things beachy on my mind, I stumbled across these photographs of rooms I call "coastal fresh."

Have a look while your pies are baking:

photos:  Greg Premru


I really should not be too busy to blog-i apologise.
its been a busy time since i last posted, crafting, working on my web site, getting over this last bout of lurgy, keeping on top of the cleaning here...lots of rain means muddy paw prints.
i am feeling happy because since the launch of *twa* just after samhain i have had three sales and one commission...say yayyyy!
the weather her today is appalling-so dark, windy and raining. i bundled up to go get my undercut a grade 4 with the clipppers and arrived home to the good news that my Gudrun Sjoden coat sold for £20 more than i bought my harris tweed for (long story...original buyer did not pay me so had to re-list etc...what a mean person)
now i just remembered i never posted a picture for you...
apologies for dirty boots (they look just shocking...they are clean now) and i am not looking too healthy as this was when i was still getting over the lurgy.
i have enjoyed being out bundled up in harris-he, yes he has a gender...is so warm and snuggly.
so winter has really set in here in this ancient forest-we have a huge oak only meters from our little house...easily hundreds of years old and it is happily shedding its leaves over us all and last week we had a text from calv to say he and one of his girls were lurking under our bathroom window...
we have a small alley that runs down the side of both our houses and calvs front door is tucked back in this little alley and walking home in the dark they came across this...

as we were watching he/she tucked into a nice worm and then the 'hedgehog bites' i scattered down for him/her. as we have had a new fence put in between us and calv at the side means a new hedgehog hole needs cutting into the fence.
i am hoping he/she will hibernate in my hedgehog house this winter

What I'm Wearing

Voleur de Roses - Eau de Toilette

The brutal yet tender collision of rose and patchouli
Voleur de Roses was composed by Michel Almairac and captures the chaos of a rose garden shattered by a thunderstorm. Rain and the smell of lightening in the air, wet earth, broken stems, bruised petals giving up a spicy crushed scent into the air. Roses stolen, ripped back by nature, this is an unexpected rose scent, a collision of roses and patchouli. Regal and brutal, tender and long lasting.

plum, rose, patchouli

 I love the description -
"Regal and brutal"

Happy Monday!

Dirty Harry

This thursday I went with my friends to Dirty Harry it's
like an antro-bar you know? & it's like alternative so it is
nice! We went because of the birthday of Himena & I
found a lot of friends there, even my boyfriend haha
we had a great time, high & classy like always!!

Farewell, My Queen

My MUST SEE movie this weekend!!


GAH, I can't wait!!

~dear spammers~

dear spammers
if you have not noticed my blog...all of my blogs in fact, show that comments all have to be moderated by me before they appear on my blog.
so i fail to understand why you have decided to post rubbish, hopefully expecting me to post it or follow any link you provide.
all that happens is that i select you and post you into the spam bin!
thank you for stopping by however!


My son had his senior portraits taken a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, I feel old.

 I got to sit in on a couple of the shots.


Stylized pics that spoke to me this morning.....

Smokin' Hot!  (My latest nail polish purchase - love!!)

I got to see some of my bff's last weekend!  

And this little guy is precious.  Just try not to smile....

Senior portraits:  Cramer Photo - the very talented Sarah Cramer Shields
Style pics:  Heart Home Magazine

Running, running & more running in my aerobics
class & with all the sun was hard haha at the
afternoon I went out with Richo & other friends
& at night I saw Edgar, I gave him all the things I
bought for him & he gave me this beautiful panda!!
it's gorgeous & big & cute!! For now I'll go to sleep
with my big panda :D