~on swampys coat!~

you find me still sporting this bruxus/migraine/sickness issue but i thought i would quickly pop by because a couple of you lovely folk asked about swampys coat from my last post.
he bought it when we went to busfest back in septemeber from our friend and initially tried it on and put it back...i think he thought it was a bit too wacky for him!
however he was with a gaggle of women-me, step daughter o' mine, niece and sister and we all loved it on him and so he relented and bought it.
it is a heavy cotton patchwork with little images in some of the patches and lined with a nice warm fleece...this is one very similar from our friends shop...
hope today finds you all well...i am now off to take more tablets and continue to fend this off...ohh and the sickness maybe a bug that is going around the village!