Oh' christmas is almost here! I personally don't like
it a lot because you need to spend a lot in gifts, also
it's a merchadotecnial thing but oh' well it's pretty,
yesterday we went to search for my presen & my
dad bought me a Coach purse :D I'll show it to you
later on. Our christmas tree looks gorgeous with so
much gifts! the ones I already want to open! haha 
Yesterday was a lovely, lovely day. First of all I went to the
gym, then I went with Edgar to eat at Cabo Grill which is
sea food & tacos! we were having a good time & drinking
beers & margaritas so it was cool! Then I went to my home
& went out again with Román, Richo, Braulio, Daniela & 
another friends to a bar called El Deposito it was nice to be
with my love & with my friends in "the end of the world"
hahaha we survived to it, didn't we? 

I took that photo on Braulio's house & I liked it because
I look like scared but at the same time normal, you know?
I was smoking weed so maybe the face come from it haha
Also my coach put that photo on my Facebook wall because
I told him I didn't like the fact that the animals are killed for us
to feed ourselves, so he cheer me up with this haha also I'm
doing my best at the gym, I haven't seen any result yet, some
people tells me that I'm thinner, I just don't know

Here's this girl that's insane, love & give too much, get sad
out of nowhere, but lives as she wants haha I don't know
I've been taking selfies & I liked them, so here they are haha
also I found this picture that is so me!! I'm afraid of bacteries
& all that stuff, I saw the photo & I was like oh' that's so me

It has been a hard time, not all the things that I wanted were as
I wished them, some people say I'm a whore & some other just
made up stories about me, well I don't give a damn you know?
I'm happy with my boyfriend, I have a wonderful friends that I
can fully trust, so what else do I need? people always will find
a way to piss you off when you are at your best, the important
thing here, is not to give a fuck about it & live happy as you are!

Photos come back!

As you can see it was impossible to me to upload
the pictures from an URL I don't know why!! D:
so I needed to delete an album from Google+ 
& a lot of pictures are gone now :/ oh' well it
was my fault I know, but it was all because I want
to post what is happening to me right now! haha
This thursday we went to a friends' bar called Que pues!
to watch Richo & his friends perfoming there live, it was
nice, we had a good time talking & listening to their
Also yesterday we had a groundsel with all the
ones that goes in our classroom & Román 
offered his house to do it, he had a good time
not all of our classmates went but with the ones 
that were there was amazing! Sadly Román didn't
feel well & he went to sleep while we were partying
in his house!! that was weird but we had a good time
Yesterday we went out of school & I'm not going
to repeat any subject :D so we went to iHop to
celebrated, it was kind of fun, later I saw Edgar
& we stayed in the mall just talking (:
It's been  A LOT since I don't post anything D:
but the truth is that I've been so busy with the
school doing my finals & projects that I didn't
have time for the internet & even more because
I started going to the gym, so I was practically
busy all day! but when I wanted to post: BAM!
I had not available space so I freaked out but
now I'll post like I normally do, I hope so haha
I'm on vacations now!


hello world!
that actually reads slightly more chipper than i am feeling...
the bruxus/associated migraine i had been suffering became worse so i have had some days away from the computer and my crafting and been on the sofa doing very little but a bit of reading, a bit of crochet and watching a few christmas films...i haven't even been out for walks and missed the first hard frosts of winter gracing our forest.
last night when i went to bed i took a selection of my pain meds and a mug of starchild's 'dream tea'
(half milk, half water, a spoon of honey and a good heaped spoon of the tea mixture)
well the tea worked a treat and i had a good nights sleep and woke up with much less pain this morning...its still there, a niggling pain in my right eye and temple and some tightness in my neck and shoulder but no-where near as bad as it has been.
so long as i keep quiet and relaxed i am hoping it will go in the next 24 hours.
i am feeling upset about it all though because there had been longed for plans to meet with the lovely robyn and joe in glastonbury while they are here from australia but i was just too unwell to travel the 2 hours it takes us to get there.
robyn was the first blogger i met back in 2007 and we have been in touch ever since so this would have been a special meeting...but i will not say 'a once in a lifetime' opportunity because i have family in australia and who knows...maybe one day...

What I Like About You

I'm liking everything about these beautiful rooms!

And I can't get over this adorable print!
Diving Rabbit.

house photos: est magazine
diving rabbit: HAM