hello world!
that actually reads slightly more chipper than i am feeling...
the bruxus/associated migraine i had been suffering became worse so i have had some days away from the computer and my crafting and been on the sofa doing very little but a bit of reading, a bit of crochet and watching a few christmas films...i haven't even been out for walks and missed the first hard frosts of winter gracing our forest.
last night when i went to bed i took a selection of my pain meds and a mug of starchild's 'dream tea'
(half milk, half water, a spoon of honey and a good heaped spoon of the tea mixture)
well the tea worked a treat and i had a good nights sleep and woke up with much less pain this morning...its still there, a niggling pain in my right eye and temple and some tightness in my neck and shoulder but no-where near as bad as it has been.
so long as i keep quiet and relaxed i am hoping it will go in the next 24 hours.
i am feeling upset about it all though because there had been longed for plans to meet with the lovely robyn and joe in glastonbury while they are here from australia but i was just too unwell to travel the 2 hours it takes us to get there.
robyn was the first blogger i met back in 2007 and we have been in touch ever since so this would have been a special meeting...but i will not say 'a once in a lifetime' opportunity because i have family in australia and who knows...maybe one day...