Yesteday we went to dinner in this little Sushi local, it's pretty small
because it's focus on sushi to go but it was cozy & has this beautiful
wall which I like a lot, it was like japanise posters & as you can see
that it's pretty much the space, just like 3 meters long & 1 meter thick
with a bar outside of it for you to eat, by the way the sushi were 
delicious! I hope to eat there soon again! 
As I told you in the late post I couldn't get any sleep
here we go again :S but let me tell you what I did on
friday. I went with my grandparents, then to go to dinner
with my parents (my brother didn't want to go) & we 
ate pizza & there was this funny hats. I arrived & went
out with Richo, Bralio & Daniela (Braulio's girlfriend) we
had a good time & as you can see the couple looked a lot
like the ones on Tumblr so they were Tumblr guys, also
with the effect that the photos receive because of my iPhone
case, it looks like the effects people put in Tumblr, it was 
a Tumblr Night!! 

Sunday Night - Finally!

I've been waiting a LLOOONNGGG time for the second season premier!  It's on TONIGHT!  
Are you excited too??


full moon blessings to all my friends here in the blogosphere
i think the full moon has drained my energies-for the three days leading up to this harvest moon i have not been sleeping properly-waking in the night with a head full of ideas, one night laying listening to music until way past 5am.
last night i finally slept not waking until 10am which is astonishingly late for me
i think too the week of de-clutter has worn me down, used the few 'spoons' i have.
but it is appropriate that in this time between the equinox and the harvest moon that i have been this busy...the harvest moon represents clearing the clutter internally and externally so it feels like the end of the time of de-clutter.
now its time to really withdraw and spend the dark days and nights that lead us to samhain.
my new room-the half a room that has been turned into the new grrl-cave is almost finished-i have a few things sitting on the floor that will go back into the shed...sorry the man-cave...later today, a few things that need to be returned to their originators, two shelves and a picture to go up.
once that is done i will be making some 'curtains' for a couple of the shelve fronts, just so i don't have all the shelves open.
evangeline sits nicely behind the door and so does not take up any room at all.
so its all nearly own space within a space where i can sit and actually create the ideas that have been filling my head.
oh and what ideas, things i have wanted to try for ages but never thought i should
sacred items to wear about the person
all kinds of things...
A wrong path, a wrong life, a person full of mistakes 
wishing for perfection waiting for the right person 
to wake her up from her delightful nightmare.

I cannot sleep & I'm pretty sure my insomnia returned
 & with it, the depression, loneliness & emptiness returned too.

Tomorrow I'll post what my friday & saturday looked like, hugs.

~a chill~

although there was no frost this morning there is a wonderful chill in the air
i was awake with the birds this morning, i have not been sleeping properly this week so spending the darkest hours listening to the radio or my ipod.
this morning i decided to go with the flow and get up early.
the sky is that pale washed out blue of autumn and its a day to wear a coat after all these months without.
today we are off to a vintage steam rally at the site of the new forest show, a mile outside of the village, with the promise of static steam engines, classic cars, dog show, music, craft stalls, a working craft section and indian village (which i am intrigued to hear about!)
the great equinox de-clutter continues.
yesterday i bought the last of the storage boxes needed to contain things-to stop them spilling over into the surrounding shelves.
the previous day we moved my big, heavy desk into the temporary, indoor girl cave and swampy started to get serious in his own 'man cave'.
tomorrow we have no plans so that will be the big day to really get organised.
i want this final push so that i can actually get at my desk and start work on the things that are filling my head-i have started to craft little felt acorns, pumpkins and toadstool to turn into pendants laced onto ribbon but at the moment i cannot even get in the room let alone sit and be creative!
we also looked at carpet yesterday-i could think of a lot better things to do but we are trying to have carpet in our living room by yule-at the moment our living room floor is made up of 1970's 'marley' tiles-horrible hard, cold things which does nothing to make our room feel cosy.
there are lots of bits and bobs we need besides the armchair, more shelves (thinking ahead to house the continual outpouring of my book addiction)
i cannot post any pictures right now as my little card reader thing has died so until i replace it i will have to get swampy to download and pas son photos...and i have so many!!!
Today a classmate did my hair & look how
lovely it was  (: I liked it. I've never been so
ansxious to get out of the school just look at
my face dying slowly haha I look like the child
from The Crazy Adams haha 
Yesterday I was with Richo & Braulio smoking &
talking about everything, Richo & I went to pay 
my phone but I forgot my wallet!! We neeeded to
return back & go again, then we went to pick up
Braulio & another friend & we almost die in the
way! because he drived in the other way so we
almost crush, then we went for an ice cream, I 
saw my love Edgar & we ate an ice cream too(:
it was a nice day I guess? 
Also this tuesday I went with Román to hang out a little
bit & just walking & smoking as always, it's funny
to take pictures in that state because you can see your
pictures when you're sober & be like "Damn! is that me?"
This tuesday was the aniversary of Daniela & her boyfriend
& she made this lovely muffins & another gift made by her
We all wanted to eat them but Santiago & I couldn't get any
& even we changed the muffins to eat the G but it didn't worked



OK, true.....haters gonna hate,
but I cannot stand this painting of the pumpkin trend.

I'm not sure why I dislike this so much, but whenever I see a painted pumpkin, it is like nails on a chalkboard.... 
Make a jack-o-lantern all day long, but keep your bedazzling and your chevron and your monogram off my pumpkins.

There, I've said it.


all photos: random pinterest


i would like to welcome
 to my blog...its always nice to meet a new blogger and of course visit their own blog and this one is beautiful
becky asked me about my 'cauldron'...we bought it from vanfest (now known as busfest) last year and it is a gas bottle cut in half with three pieces of scaffold pole as simple but it make a fantastic 'cauldron' for fires and cooking on and will take an awful lot of heat.
to cook on it we put my big cast iron griddle on the top and it works really well.

we had hoped to buy one for a friend this year but the people who made them were not there-however we are considering making them to the same plans so i shall let you all know when we do!


i have been busy crafting as you will see...well you wont see but you will find out what i have been up to!


i have also been busy out in the forest-since the equinox my mind has been so full of new ideas that i have had to act on them as a way of release.
but it may mean opening a second etsy shop or finally setting up a small website as the things that have been coming to me take me beyond what i have been crafting and selling onto a whole new level

Monday again & the good thing is that I went
out of school by 11:40am & I arrived to my
home directly to my bed, so cozy & warm n___n
Also some friends took my iPhone & as you can see
they took some photos with it haha
Suddenly I discovered that the "friends" I thought
I had were not true, that they didn't even like me
& I was like :/ ok I'm still that way but what can
I do?? but nevermind I found this pictures that 
for me are lovely!! :D 
I found a good app to make collages & I loved it!
Also I downloaded the IOS6 it's good but has some
problems that need to be fixed. Look the collages I
have done so far! The name is Fuzel 
Saturday I had a dinner with my family because
it was the birthday of an aunt & she cooked 
pozole & my grandmother the pink cake, we 
brought the chocoflan it was all delicious!! :D
Also my cousin have a parakeet but his feathers
are changing so he's all weird, his name is Pancho!