There Are Tattoos, and There Are Tattoos I Would Consider Getting

I don't have a tattoo, but the allure of well placed (most likely hidden from view) meaningful ink has always been there.  If I were to pull the trigger, I would want the artwork of MINKA SICKLINGER on my body.

Good, right?

New Apps

I was looking for apps on Apple & I found
a cool & useful app for Tumblr, sorry but I'm
very addictive to it hahaha & well the apps is
because the original app for Tumblr doesn't
let you see the photos in high resolution in
ipods touch or iphones so it really bothered
me haha so I found this app called Tumblr Gear
& another similar imgTumble that are very
useful to see pics bigger haha so for me it worked.

Good Memories Part2

hahaha So there it comes the 2nd semester!
haha where I met a new person who now is
very good friend of mine, I didn't like a lot
this semester but because of personal
problems haha [love & that silly stuff xD]
but it was a good semester & I like it
because also I went to the beach with my
friends & it was amazing & also it was my
birthday so haha I like it(:

Good Memories

So I was looking in my photographs & I
found some of my 1st & 2nd semeters
so I thought it'll be nice to post the best
moments here (: hehe so here are some
of the 1st semester, it was nice I have to
confess it n___n

Bowling anyone?

 A new website -- complete with pics of their latest projects!!
 I'd love to get an invite for a night in this sexy Penthouse bowling fun-room.

 Be sure to click on their blog too, peek inside their latest house (home to the cool couple and their seven children.)  I didn't think people with 7 children were allowed to be hip.
This chandelier reminds me of spun candy.  Delicious.

{thanks to Benson who posted about the new website today!}

Remember These Guys?

I'm giddy with excitement over my new job!  Yesterday, one thing on the agenda was to go over the [many] companies that Roxie Daisy will be representing. (All great, by the way, and certainly filling a retail-void in Charlottesville.)  One company I was really excited to hear we'll carry is
Beekman 1802.

Remember these guys?

I don't know exactly which products Karen ordered, but my guess is that it will probably be along the lines of these things:


goat milk soap

picnic blanket/summer throw

seed packets

Mary Connell Gaynor framed print

 I had a great first day.  Thanks everyone for the nice comments yesterday!

I Don't Take Good Pictures, But My Friend Does

Jen was taking some pictures this weekend.

This is Little.  She is a rescue dog.  I think she's grateful.

I start my new job today!  I'll be working at a new shop called Roxie Daisy.  The build out is still going on, so we'll be working around the electrician today trying to make sense of boxes of merchandise.  Roxie Daisy is a "home" store; furniture, lamps, rugs, bedding(!), candles, etc....  I'm so happy I'll be back in my comfort zone and hoping to grow a client base for interior decorating.

"like" us on facebook!

Have a great Monday, loves.


Total bummer.

Its Friday I'm In love!

My face!! hahaha

Hii(: so yesterday was friday & as usual I
went with to my grandparents' house &
I got my purple extensions! haha my
mother was like "are you really going to
wear them?" & I was like "you'll see they
look awesome!" & yeeip they were cool
& my mother liked it haha then & went out
with my friends [the ones whom are my
neighbors] to have fun a little bit drinking
in the park of our house haha so it was nice
& specially because I talked with Román
& we're trying to be ok again haha lol
so here are some photographs of Purple
Lalen! haha.Hugs

Cool Me Off And Put Me To Bed

Just looking at these rooms cools me down....