Changing Things Up!

Time to change it up here at A Dreamer's Den.
I'm loving the rich and deep colors of my new header. 

In keeping with the moody theme of the day, I'm excited to announce that Roxie Daisy is getting in some (very) cozy blankets and throws from Brahms Mount....bring it fall!

Socios day(:

Well this friday I went to Jhony Rockets for
the very first time with one of my best friends &
it was nice haha I ordered a vegetarian hambuger
then we went to my house with other 2 friends &
we were drinking a little bit(: haha On Saturday
I went to the Lobby is a discotec haha & on Sunday
I went to see a show call Werever2morro it's a guy
who does funny videos on youtube so I can say that
my weekend was good n__n

One Pretty Picture Before I Go To Work

I need some pink velvet in my life...

Storm Cloud *Update

This is a picture of Irene coming into Virginia.
Not Irene!  Random commenter informed me it is a storm from August 10.  Irene was nowhere in sight!


~solstice cafe~

another gap in my blogging-i am finding it more difficult to get myself into a routine since coming back from avebury, my head is in the clouds still.

so, the 'solstice cafe' and 'any night in the jack'

the solstice cafe was my idea for helping those camping with us at avebury who had no access to electric.
i set up a free cafe in the awning we use on Pretty Pagan when we are going to be camped for longer than a couple of days, providing a kettle, water, tea, coffee and herbal teas, milk-all they had to have was a cup!

'any night in the jack' is a take on the pub in the stonewylde books 'the jack in the green'.
within the forum we have a virtual pub named and 'opened' by our dear friend sorcha in holland called 'any night in the jack' and so it seemed appropriate i change the cafe sign in the evening to the jack. our 'jack' was decorated with fairy lights and bunting and looked most un-pub like!

so it has become a new tradition for our avebury camps and swampy and i are planning even better decorations and sign for next may-yes we had the next camp arranged in less than a week of coming back from our most recent visit!


now i am having to get my head and soul back to the reality of being home, more importantly get back into my routine.
as is usual with me i have let things slip and i need to get back into myself.


there has been a distinct shift in the great wheel over the last week, stepping out of our back door, especially in the morning, there is that very definite 'smell' of autumn in the air, even a slight chill which is giving me a tingle of joy.
my long term readers know that i am a cool weather girl. i love the wild weather and cold nights snuggled under a blanket.


i was a tad 'norty' yesterday and ordered myself a little cheer me up...well no not really, i just loved it and have been looking for one for ages and my gorgeous little pixie friend sujee had a similar one at avebury...a gorgeous pocket belt from earthywear 
many things we go to with our friends these days means having a bag over my shoulder is not very practical as i want my hands free and my 'things'~you know the important things we carry around~have started to overflow my little bum bag.

my things include...
my owl purse i bought in macys
burts bee's lip balm
a pot of calendula balm from the dorset herbalist
my blackberry which has become my lifeline as my memory is so bad and i like to get my e-mails through it
a little tin that holds emergency medication for my migraines
dextrose tablets for the hypos i now have

i am hoping it arrives in the next few days as we are off to birmingham on thursday to see swampys family and then we are off to vanfest in the malverns, taking step daughter o'mine with us for the week

well time for some food here and maybe watch a film (or 'filum' as the wonderful souls from ireland say...after years of knowing them friends from the stonewylde community came to camp at avebury~beautiful people and so very funny)

i hope you are all well

David in D.C.

I just started following a blog by a designer in Washington.  
His blog bio is front and center(!) but I really like his style and his photos are top-notch.  And you have to love that his disclaimer states: "this is a non-kumbaya zone."  

I think he has a great knack for mixing old and new, moderate and pricey.

What a cool rug -- he took scraps of sisal, bound them in custom grosgrain and reassembled.

Muriel Brandolini

Flipping through the latest Harper's Bazaar, I stumbled across a short article on Muriel Brandolini.  She has a new book coming out in October.  I cannot wait to see it!  

The World Of Muriel Brandolini: Interiors

This designer has true style; her earthy, worldly glamour is gorgeous.

These dresses are from her website -- I believe they are made from her line of fabrics....I think they are stunning.

Have a great Wednesday!  First day of school for my guys...
Where did the summer go??

I Love a Pretty Vessel

These gorgeous ceramics by Laura Zindel are really tugging at me.

Today is the last day of summer vacation for the boys.  It really feels like fall is coming -- beautiful blue skies and an ever-so-slight chill to the air.

Craving Clog Boots

What's on your wish list for fall?
I would L.O.V.E. a pair of clog boots!

No. 6

No. 6



 This gray nubuck combat boot is my favorite at the moment...






Last Jaunt to the Beach?

Wondering what to do with all the seashells you and the kids collected?
Wondering what to do with all that free time while the kids are at school?

Here's an idea....

Shell Artist:  Blott Kerr-Wilson