I was raised by a mother who made me write Thank-You notes.  I wrote them as a child, I wrote them as a teenager, I wrote them as a newly-wed and for presents given in the years following.  And then I stopped.  I rarely (shame-on-me!) write a thank you note anymore.  What is wrong with me?  I mean, seriously, it takes about two seconds and it's just the right thing to do.  I hereby resolve to send a nice note for every Christmas present I receive this year.

ANYHOO, if you are quite brazen, self-righteous, or just plain FUNNY, you should buy these cards and send them to the people who didn't write a thank-you note for your generous gift.

I deserve this card.
If you send me this I will laugh my ass off and accept it graciously.
Because, really - thank you so much for your lovely gift!

Oh GOD! today we needed to present news on
live & I did all the things that was my part &
I had all ready but my team didn't! & we had
thecnical problems with the speakers & with the
video so it was a completely disaster! & I don't
know what will be my grade because it was the
50% of our grade so tomorrow we will know.
Also in about an hour I will go to leave my mom
in the airport, she'll return on sunday ppff I'm
going to miss her!

Naomi Shows Us How It's Done

I am so excited for Naomi....her apartment has just been featured on Design Sponge!  Check out how her love of design, color, pattern, and a little dog named Bailey, make her home shine.

Congratulations, Naomi!! 

Go HERE to see more photos and to read all about it.

Sometimes I think people just get advantage of
me, I don't know I just feel that I give them the
opportunity to enter to my life [whether is a friend
lover, etc.] & they just failed me or hurt me, I need
to learn of my mistakes but sometimes I fell & I fell
& I fell & I learn nothing :/ but I'm not going to fall
in the same mistake, I will not walk through the same
path that has the rock that keep me falling...

As Long As Its Time For Wishing...


i am feeling distinctly chilly today~possibly because i am feeling a bit unsettled after being up a good chunk of last night with some random tummy bug.

i get a lot of random tummy bugs~their randomness makes me sure they are linked to my m.e and fibro so i just put up with them~luckily they don't last long.

i have spent today at my desk...well most of the day...i did a bit of crochet this morning and watched 'impossibly handsome vet'

actually no its not called that, that's what i told swampy it was called when he asked what i was watching! hehehehe

its actually 'bondi vet'

the rest of the day i had to catch up on my studies~a few bad days last week set me behind, it doesn't take much. but i am glad to say i am almost all caught up.


yesterday i made a new york cheesecake!

yes i did!

when i was in new york the other year i went into juniors in times square and fell in love with their cheesecake and on coming home found their own recipe in my copy of sheila lukins usa cookbook

so its taken me some time to pluck up the courage to actually attempt to make this...given how forgetful i am to say nothing of even totally going blank...which explains how i managed to ignite the handle of a knife (not just any knife but one of my favourite 1950's ones...sob) it got to be in the pan with the handle poking out the side is beyond me...i honestly cannot remember putting it in there.

luckily swampy was decorating and had his mp3 going so did not hear my 'oh, oh, oh's' as i jigged around the kitchen before getting in the sink!

anyway, so yes, i made the cheesecake...i have never seen such a large amount of cream cheese in a bowl before.

i cooked it to the time set in the book and its wonderful but i think it does need a little longer in the oven as it is not as stodgy as the real thing...i remember the real thing cleaved to the roof of my mouth in a rather spectacular fashion and needed good quantities of ice tea to help it down...still nothing wrong in making another and extending the cooking time

anyway this is whats left...

you can see by the cut sides it is not stodgy as it should be...mind you it still tastes nice!


in my never ending search for a more natural shampoo i bought some Dr Bronners...

so far i have only actually washed my face with it, but its gorgeous stuff and more importantly has the leaping bunny logo.


want to come with me for a walk?

~on that note i shall say goodnight~

Yesterday was the Noche Bohemia in the
Univa [my school] & it was very cool, a lot
of friends of mine sang & dance, we really
have a lot of talented people in my school!
Then friends & I went to a bar & we had a
good time(: the bad thing is that today I
needed to wake up early because of my exam
of math hahaha all my friends including me
with hangover in the classes, but we went to
eat tortas ahogadas & they were so delicious!
& I think my exam was good, let's see

Tis The Season For Red....And Some Gold

I'm feeling a little bit red - and gold.  Do you decorate for the holidays with a color combo?  Do you paint your nails red this time of year?

Who knew Tiffany & Co. had such fabulous leather products?  Yum.

Tiffany & Co.

Katie Ridder wallpaper

Ralph Lauren

Tiffany & Co.

Ralph Lauren

Martha Stewart

Ralph Lauren



George Spencer fabric

Neither red nor gold, but I love this photo:
I hope at least once today you feel like this!  

hahahaha OMG I can't believe it! well I
dyed my hair as I told you in the last post
like 2 hours ago that I wanted to go back to
my natural color which is like brown but not
so dark & I had my hair dyed dark brown so
we bought the color light brown so it could
end up like my natural color buuuuuut it wasn't
hahaha now I have it even more dark! if it was
dark but like dark brown now is dark DARK!
hahaha it happens sometimes, I like how I look
but I wanted to dye my hair to use my hair
extensions because I didn't want to dye them but
now I guess I will need to dye them
has been such a energize week
Haha yesterday was the birthday
Of my grandma & we had cake!!!
I'll show you the photos later, also
My friends & I discovered something
About an ex friend that OMG! So it's
Been such a week of surprises haha
& now I'm about to dye my hair again
But now of my natural color so here
We go!!! Happy thanks giving day((:

It Was Between A Gasp And A Squeal

I open a lot of boxes, every day, at Roxie Daisy, and see lots of gorgeous things, but yesterday I actually made some kind of noise when I opened our delivery and saw the cover of 
Katie Ridder's book 

Have you seen this book?  It is STUNNING.  If you like color, you'll love it -- if you like gorgeous fabrics and layers of pattern, you'll love it.

The online photos do not do this book justice. Put it on your Christmas wish-list.

Now there's a kitchen that could handle cooking a turkey or two!

all photos:  Katie Ridder