i am feeling distinctly chilly today~possibly because i am feeling a bit unsettled after being up a good chunk of last night with some random tummy bug.

i get a lot of random tummy bugs~their randomness makes me sure they are linked to my m.e and fibro so i just put up with them~luckily they don't last long.

i have spent today at my desk...well most of the day...i did a bit of crochet this morning and watched 'impossibly handsome vet'

actually no its not called that, that's what i told swampy it was called when he asked what i was watching! hehehehe

its actually 'bondi vet'

the rest of the day i had to catch up on my studies~a few bad days last week set me behind, it doesn't take much. but i am glad to say i am almost all caught up.


yesterday i made a new york cheesecake!

yes i did!

when i was in new york the other year i went into juniors in times square and fell in love with their cheesecake and on coming home found their own recipe in my copy of sheila lukins usa cookbook

so its taken me some time to pluck up the courage to actually attempt to make this...given how forgetful i am to say nothing of even totally going blank...which explains how i managed to ignite the handle of a knife (not just any knife but one of my favourite 1950's ones...sob)...how it got to be in the pan with the handle poking out the side is beyond me...i honestly cannot remember putting it in there.

luckily swampy was decorating and had his mp3 going so did not hear my 'oh, oh, oh's' as i jigged around the kitchen before getting in the sink!

anyway, so yes, i made the cheesecake...i have never seen such a large amount of cream cheese in a bowl before.

i cooked it to the time set in the book and its wonderful but i think it does need a little longer in the oven as it is not as stodgy as the real thing...i remember the real thing cleaved to the roof of my mouth in a rather spectacular fashion and needed good quantities of ice tea to help it down...still nothing wrong in making another and extending the cooking time

anyway this is whats left...

you can see by the cut sides it is not stodgy as it should be...mind you it still tastes nice!


in my never ending search for a more natural shampoo i bought some Dr Bronners...

so far i have only actually washed my face with it, but its gorgeous stuff and more importantly has the leaping bunny logo.


want to come with me for a walk?

~on that note i shall say goodnight~