Crankiness and Joy Do Not Coexist

I'm a little cranky this morning.  A little bit of a sore throat and stuffy nose.  I either need more coffee, a winning lottery ticket, or an all-expense paid trip to St. John, USVI.  Thank God for Starbucks.

I'm sure I'll be in better spirits next year!  ;)
Until then....

Smitten For An Old Door

What doors will you be opening in the new year?

photos:  Mikkel Vang

Sadly my 3rd semester has come to the end, it
was a weird & fun semester. Weird because my
ex boyfriend broke up with me & well this time was
definately the end, so it was weird because all the
time I was with him & a little painful to see him with
another girl but I got use to it, but now we are friends
I guess haha & it was a lot of fun too because after
that I had more friends so it was so nice to hang on
with them & go to parties & have a nice time, so like
all the things it has their good & bad side, also this
semester my teachers were so cool! that I had a great
friendship with them that my biology's teacher Edson
& I used to eat Oreos with peanut butter in class! haha
& the old ones just became more friendly & fun. Another
semester has finished & a lot of more & new memories
came with it (: so as always this photos are the best
moments of the 3rd semester :D

Perfect Balance

At first I thought this house was a bit too stark....too white.  But with closer inspection, I found it incredibly warm and inviting; layered just right.  Perfectly balanced.  (Take all the letters off the walls and I'm a YES.)


Have a fantastic Thursday!


Speaking of Paris....

I just love this fantastic Parisian apartment....
and I won a giveaway  --  

Yay!  Thanks so much, Karena, for hosting the giveaway.  The author of the book, Claudia Strasser, has a great website and blog; check it out!


photos of apartment: