*blessings for samhain & the Celtic new year*
to all
what will you be incubating over these dark months ahead?


Off I GOOOOOOO......
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Hair Necessities

 I have hair needs.  Like I need to put it up daily or it gets in my face and I feel claustrophobic.  I have a lot of hair, y'all.

 Have you seen this stunning shooting star hair clip by Rodarte?  So beautiful; the perfect accessory for those dress up days.  I'd have to wish on a real shooting star to have one though...at nearly $700 its a *bit* out of my range.

 Here are some more affordable options I've stumbled upon to get my hair needs met....

 oops -- how did these amazing MISSONI head bands slip in here.  Hardly in my budget, but damn, they are *gorgeous*!!!

 Back to reality.....

LOVE this barrette!  Might have to get one...

 All is well here in Charlottesville from the hurricane.  I hope those of you in Sandy's path are safe, too!!  xo

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With the schedule change I didn't feel tired at 
all (this is because we sleep one more hour) but
when I'll get used to it then I'll probably hate mondays
again haha well I go out of school at 11:40am almost
every monday so... it's good for me! 
We had Physics laboratory & we're seeing electricity
& here's myself trying to get my hair up but
we couldn't do it :/ at least it was fun! 
3rd photo, I'm fascinating with the colors sick people
have & the lights made it perfect with this photo!
mmm don't know why the hell the last photo of
my 2nd collage couldn't be uploaded but oh'
well, here it comes now finished!
aam the 1st photo is made by webcam & as
you can see it's a bad quality! So the 2nd one is
with the iPhone, you can see it better :D
Bum! Another part of my collage, it's finished & printed
& it's pretty, I had my math exam & I beg for a good 
grade, really. I just came from the movies & I watch
Intouchables with my family & let me tell you that is
lovely! for real! specially because I love french movies,
the soundstracks, the photography & of course the
story ooh' such a lovely movie it was!

My Little Painting

I gave my mom one of my little paintings for her birthday.  
She had it framed!!  
I feel so honored that Mom wanted my artwork hung in her bedroom.

Today I had my Physics exam & I can tell you that it went well (: & here is my
friends always taking themselves pictures on my iPhone haha & Alex he was 
punched in the face yesterday :S but he's fine, eventually he'll be.
Also for a subject the teacher told us that our project has to be a collage 
putting in it how you figure yourself in the future, in your love life & well the
collage is pretty clear, also I put my boyfriend because, well... we never know
what could happen right? let's hope for the best(:
Yesterday we had two free hours, & my friends & I went to
eat breakfast & we ate some delicious tacos :D then I went
to aerobics & after it I was observing the hip-hop class & 
they dance awesomely good!! I wish I could cordinate better
all my body but I just don't work for it haha & here is my
friend Beto doing art work in math's class, weird I know
At evening I saw my boyfriend & it was okey I guess. 
Yesterday was a busy day, I went out early from school then I
went to buy the colour to dye my hair, arrived to my home, 
slept until 3:30pm wake up, eat super fast & go to the saloon
to do my hair done & as you can see it's black again! :D 
then I went to buy another things, to buy an ice cream & 
return home & watch movies (: it was fun after all! & now
I have to be prepared becase it's "Exam's week" oh' lord
I'll be studying, studying, studying but it'll be worth it
Yesterday was my little brother's birthday & my mom & I
surprised him with a little cupcake, we went for dinner to 
Outback & as you can see the waiters arrived with a dessert
he blowed the canddles & we all had a good time, my parents
gave him this celphone as a gift & I can tell you that is pretty
cool! at the afternoon my friends Daniela (Braulio's girlfriend) &
Maria went to my home & we were talking about everything
it was nice (:

The Cool Factor


The grocery store checkout line is an impulse shoppers dream....the candy! the gum!  the sodas!  and yes, the magazines!
So I picked up the November issue of Martha Stewart Living yesterday (freshly baked pies on the cover always get me), and spied 
The Wythe Hotel in an article.

Owners Andrew Tarlow, Jed Walentas and Peter Lawrence have taken a 111 year old textile factory and made it into a 72 room hotel.  
They know what they're doing - check out the ammenities:

  • In-room surround sound controllable by iPhone
  • Custom made Flavor Paper wallpaper by Dan Funderburgh
  • Full-service seasonal minibar
  • Complimentary wifi
  • 13′ high original timber ceilings
  • Locally made furniture
  • Commissioned art by Duke Riley, ESPO, and Tom Fruin
  • 6th Floor Rooftop Bar
  • Fitness Room
  • Screening Room
  • No room service

And the rooms have that certain cool factor that only well done renovations can give.

There's even a bunk-bed room!

Going to Brooklyn?  Stay here, and tell me all about it!

~come back to dorset with me~

well now...my copy of
arrived on friday...i sat down at 10.05 after making the all important cup of tea and only stopped reading at 11.20pm with 150 pages to go...swampy reminded me that i needed to be awake for kits book signing in dorchester!
we left early and caught the forest at its best...cobwebs covered the gorse like little sparkling fairy platforms and a low mist created white islands in the hollows...
our route took us past the long, long walls of the drax estate-which was the inspiration for stonewylde...

famous for it great gates...this one is the five legged stag...

this was the first time i had gone to dorchester since we moved away and i felt sad returning because we loved living in our small cottage in the middle of no-where, especially as we lived at the foot of bulbarrow hill which had a bronze age hill fort and medieval trackway at the very top.
i made sure i had my copy in my bag...
the lovely kit berry...


yours truly doing her promo-pixie work...
kit signing our copy...
important pixie work...
now this really looks like i am telling kit off for some reason but i am not honest!!!!
i couldnt be stopped...
love you kit!
guarding the ceremony cakes with mrb...
then it was time to say goodbye (until next week!) and go and have a cup of tea. we made our way to maiden castle where we had spent many happy hours while living nearby... 


lanceborough king barrow...bronze age barrow cemetery...

we were glad to see the celtic kitchen was still open and selling their gorgeous pasties and cakes...we had a pasty each for our lunch and brought one of their toffee apple cakes home with us...
i am so glad pretty pagan allows us to be so self-sufficient but wish we had this view every day...
then it was time to come home and finish reading shaman-oh my what a roller-coaster of a ride it is...
today it is back to normal and i will be spending the day crafting ready for samhain...