Today was a hard day was always taking care of children
haha but I get a lot of fun with them, so it doesn't matter.
In the afternoon my brother & I did a photoshoot about
our passion which is, as you can see the futbol & we love
the Cowboys it was lovely haha later I'll show you the 
ones that are photoshop (:

~delta blue~

i would like to introduce you to

delta blue

after an evening spent umming and ahhhing today swampy ordered this gorgeous

Rally Delta Blue 'Frailer' from the banjo works.

its a perfect beginners banjo and while i learn i can keep up with my banjo fund to buy a better one at a later date.

she will be with me on thursday as tomorrow the lovley people at banjo works will be setting her up for me...

i am so excited!

Four Eyes

"You need to get your eyes checked!"  
For the past 2 years my eyes have steadily been going to shit.  I've been relying on 'readers' from CVS and The Dollar Tree to get me through the day.

I finally went and had my eyes examined to get the real story behind my blurry vision.  (John is convinced that wearing these readers every waking minute is 'weakening' my eyes.  The eye doctor said that was nonsense.)

However, the reason I see better wearing these readers constantly (instead of just for reading) is because I need BIFOCALS!  I can't see close up or far away!  I think this is payback for all the bragging I used to do about my better-than-perfect vision.  HA!  Just wait till you're in your mid-forties.

So, off I went yesterday, shopping for glasses.

I found a pair.  They were perfect.  They fit my face like they were made just for me.  They were classic but with a hint of a cat eye to give them a little edge.

And then (I put my glasses back on) and read the price....are you kidding me?  Have you priced glasses lately?  Granted, they were Dolce & Gabbana, but every brand I looked at was around $200.  To some folks, that may be peanuts, but not for this chic.
I went to just about every glasses store in town - same scenario - all the good ones were out of my price range.   (Story of my life...)

Back home, defeated, I went to my trusty internet.
HELLO Warby Parker.

I secured five styles for the try on at home program.   $95; I hope at least one is good enough.



Do you have a favorite?

Stay tuned.  I'll keep you updated as this saga continues!  :)

I wonder where Ms. Apfel gets her glasses?

This monday my best friend did my hair & did this braid, which is
so beautiful! She said that she needs practice but I think is good
hehe also I spend all my afternoon with my best friend Richo! We
had a long time without seeing each other & we are neighboors! I
know weird! haha but we talked & had a great time !  
This sunday as always I went to work with my mother & while
I was working I tasted this delicious vanilla jelly ! Also I started
reading Set In Stone Let's see how it is (: We went to Chili's for
dinner & the waiter throwed all our food to the floor, so we needed
to wait even more for our food haha it was kind of fun



my life is made up of cycles

cycles of inactivity when my m.e and fibro triumphs

cycles of activity when my maladies sink back which enable me to do more and my brain starts to fire on all cylinders.

i am slowly coming to the end of a cycle of inactivity thank the goddess

this last one has been a long one, never ending it seems.

i have been feleing tired, lethargic and had no energy to do anything much at all~my needle felting/jewellery making/crochet has all fallen by the wayside.

although my reading has been prolific...

back in may i started to read george r.r martins epic

and have been blown away with it.

i am currently reading 'a feast for crows' which is book five, alongside

by shane spall, the wife of the wonderful actor timothy spall

i digress...yes i am moving into a more motivated, productive cycle which i hope lasts a good long time


the weather has improved here no end-after weeks of wintry weather last week the jet stream shifted north bringing with it blazing hot sun.
yesterday we had some thunder showers and in late afternoon had a short thunder and lightning storm.

they always say that air pressure has a lot to do with how symptoms of chronic conditions are and i think there is something to the argument.
well off to do some felting!

This friday I went to the Wings Army with my
friends, or at least that was the plan haha but it
was so full that we ended up drinking in the park
of my house haha but we had a nice time
This friday guys from SEMARNAT went to our summer
school & show to the kids some reptiles so the kids were
very excited about it, also I have photos with them now 
haha it was good, the only thing I didn't like a lot was that
my goorda went early so I was empty without her haha
This week I had two dates & with that obviously two
different boys, two different dates really! although they
were in the same place, the personalities are so different
but they went well. It's easy to get attached to the kids
we're taking care of & we don't even spend a lot of time
with them! so I think that when the curse ends I'll miss them
& not only me but everyone

Let's Do This

The last 6 weeks of my life have been a whirlwind of craziness.  
Good craziness, mind you, but crazy all the same.

So, I took a new job, which meant leaving my favorite-boss-ever and Roxie Daisy.  

(Karen is coming up on her one-year anniversary - if you're anywhere near Charlottesville, you must stop in and tell her congratulations!)

 That said, I am choosing not to talk about my new job here on the blog.  If you want to know about it, please email me and I will give you all the details.  This decision comes from the desire to now have my blog be solely mine --- My voice... my likes, my dislikes, my viewpoint....without being tethered to a business.  

I started this blog (over 3 years ago) because I wanted a creative outlet and to share my business (RIP Pillow Mint...sniff.) Well, the business is gone, and choosing not to blog about where I work gives me a greater sense of freedom.

I am now going to blog about all things personal, with the bulk of posts (I think) leaning towards interiors.  I for sure will also be blogging about art, fashion, food, TV, and movies. 
Join me on the ride!

 I haven't been commenting on your blogs lately, and I apologize.  
I'm slowly but surely getting back on track.

Have a spectacular weekend!

The amazing glass sculptures are by the artist

~guitar & more...~

i have just spent some time catching up with my blogging roundhouse~my i have so many of you out there that i follow!

so why have i not been about so much?

well we had a vw festival recently which took us away for five days, swampy was helping with two of the sows competitions so i was happily left on my own to potter around my bit of 'land' and making sure mismi and flynt stayed cool...the day after we arrived and became stuck in setting up camp where we were stuck...the sun came out and it has remained out ever since.

from talking about the endless rain and floods we are now talking about the heat...and my oh my its hot!

we came home to some frazzled plants and yet more families of sparrows growing up in our two nest boxes (and unfortunately one little baby casualty found in the flower pot below one of the nest boxes)




i have started to learn the guitar...

i am so excited!

in my teens my dad had a 3/4 classical which he never actually played and i wanted to play it but never did, never had the confidence i suppose.

i bought swampy an electric guitar a few years ago as he is a huge rock fan-but he hardly touched it and it just sat gathering dust and i have no interest in electric guitars

our neighbour Calv has a nice collection of acoustic guitars, a ukulele, mandolin and more recently a banjo and when it is very quiet i can hear him playing.

 he brought one of his acoustic guitars round for swampy a few weeks ago as he kept saying he wanted to play one and for a few days it just sat there, patiently waiting on my big rocking chair, for someone to pick it up.

well it was me that picked it up...

Calv's customised yamaha f310

i am now as addicted to the guitar as i am to my crochet and needle felting!

i have been playing about a month now, i try to do at least half an hour a day, practising my chords and finger picking and my finger tips are slowly developing very hard skin.
last night as swampy wanted to watch the opening of the olympics (i wont get started on that!) i sat in the bedroom and decided to start to practise 'sounds of silence' as a way of working on my chord changes which at this time are painfully slow!

we are now looking to buy me my very own guitar, another yamaha f310 although i have already selected a Luna for when i am 'awesome' (i will day!)...

however it doesn't end there...

for in the new year i shall be buying this...

i have even started up my banjo fund and calv bought me a little something to keep me motivated in my saving...

in the little bag...

a banjo mute...

exciting huh?


we had centre court tickets so started the day on arriving at the tube closest to wimbledon was to get a bus...a proper old bus...

 we found a shady spot at the top of henman hill/murray mound to sit until we wanted to get our seats on centre court~only the day before we found we would be lucky enough to see Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray play

from our spot we could see right into the centre of london, including the hideous new 'shard' (remember to click on the photos!)

the next day we had to return home so had the morning down on the thames in the foot of the london eye...good grief its huge!

this week was the annual
and as is usual for the last 40 years we went as a family on wednesday and although not a huge royalist i was pleased to see the Queen and Prince Philip ending their jubilee tour at the show.
we didnt get a photo of them in the car but swampy managed to get a photo as their car drove his way.
the last time i saw them was during the silver jubilee when they drove through the village...then i had my little kodak my dad had bought me and i still have the photo i managed to take of the back of their car!
well now i need to go make myself some dinner so tomrorow i shall tell you, finally, of my new hobby