we had centre court tickets so started the day on arriving at the tube closest to wimbledon was to get a bus...a proper old bus...

 we found a shady spot at the top of henman hill/murray mound to sit until we wanted to get our seats on centre court~only the day before we found we would be lucky enough to see Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray play

from our spot we could see right into the centre of london, including the hideous new 'shard' (remember to click on the photos!)

the next day we had to return home so had the morning down on the thames in the foot of the london eye...good grief its huge!

this week was the annual
and as is usual for the last 40 years we went as a family on wednesday and although not a huge royalist i was pleased to see the Queen and Prince Philip ending their jubilee tour at the show.
we didnt get a photo of them in the car but swampy managed to get a photo as their car drove his way.
the last time i saw them was during the silver jubilee when they drove through the village...then i had my little kodak my dad had bought me and i still have the photo i managed to take of the back of their car!
well now i need to go make myself some dinner so tomrorow i shall tell you, finally, of my new hobby