First of all I passed Maths I can't even believe it! really it's been since
 1er semester that I didn't have a grade like that & without any help of
other curses!! I'm so happy for it! It was not so bad after all, I have a lower
grade on Physics & that's weird because I understand better Physics than 
Maths but anyways I'm proud of myself! We had our TV class & we needed
to do a news program, this time I was the camarawoman, it went well, the
only thing it was not so good was the change of camaras & some parts of my
classmates that did mistakes & they had their microphones off blablabla haha
but I hope we can get a good grade! 
The things in my house are aweful, I don't want to be on my house anymore, 
the less I can be there is always good for me, the bad thing is that I can't go
out again, I can't understand why, but what else I can do?

He's So Tall Now!!

Brag Alert:  William's date is not only so pretty -- she's also President of the Honor Society.  Way to pick 'em, honey!

The Lax-Bros.

Pre-Prom pics.
I'm so mad I only had my stupid iphone.
Maybe one of the other parents has some real photos they can share with me.
(But isn't he handsome in a tux???  My William.)

I hope they have fun tonight...and stay safe! 

Finally the exams are over, until now I have the grades of Ecology
with an 86 & Physics with 74 I know they're aweful but let's see
the other ones which I think will be the same or worst, I always
wanted a relax semester & I think this would be the one, the bad
thing is that I feel a failure more than the usual but whatever. The
first photo was minutes later for our Grammar exam, we are smart
but we are lazy, or that is just me, but I didn't want to study a day
before, & like it was to expect I think I fail the exam. 
Today was not my best day but it had good moments, I was with
my boyfriend all the afternoon & with more friends at his house, then
we went to my house & we had a great time, until my parents arrived
typical they misinterpret everything but it was nice. 

~so much rain!~

it has been raining and raining here

although that has been a smidge frustrating as swampy has some garden work that needs doing it has been great for the land~the ponds and some streams have been so very low and you can almost feel the earth gasping for water.

we have had enough here that many areas of the forest are flooded

today we are forecast heavy showers and high wind and the showers are forecast for another ten days.


i am feeling a wee bit better today, i am coughing less and it is less intense when i do cough. of course i have yet to see how it will affect my m.e and fibro.

still if i can get out and potter in the garden a bit (when it is not all water logged!) i will be happy,
i am getting a bit stir-crazy being stuck in so much.


we have our stonewylde gathering in twenty days and so we have both had to sit down and decide what to wear.
usually its not a major problem but as friends are going to be handfasted at avebury on the saturday of the gathering we decided we needed something a bit special.
so we have bought things from

i have gone for a medieval skirt, top and laced corset vest combination with a loop belt and belt to come after the gathering!


i have just also ordered some crafting supplies to make some necklaces~choker and long over the head ones~for etsy, and to take to the sunday market of the gathering.
i have been toying with the ideas for them for ages and finally settled on soul star and earth star gemstone necklaces.
i am hoping it all arrives tomorrow morning so i can have a good weekend of crafting.
i have also ordered myself a couple of little extra bits for my own 'charm' necklace-i always think its a good advert to wear things you craft!


well time to go and be busy!

It's so stressful when something hurts you so bad that completly
changes your mood & you're irritable for every little thing that
your classmates / friends / or other people say, do, etc, I was
in a bad mood all day!! & that sucks! :/ it's because constanly 
I have a strong pain in my back & when I feel pain I just can't
stand anybody who's around me, the only one that could be with
me without me getting mad at him was my friend Santiago haha

THIS Is Why I Blog

So you know how we putz around on the internet and see lots of cool things?  Most of the time I hem and haw about taking the time to put together a post, ever it good enough?  Will people like it?  Will it be new and exciting and not the same shit/different day?  
And for most of my posts I really like the things I share, (some I look back on and wonder what the hell I was thinking), and then there are the really, really good things I find that I wish 
every. single. post. 
could be filled with.

Here they are - flowers, art, tall ceilings, huge windows, a claw foot tub, and even a disco ball.

They're all here in one place:

The Studio/House of artist Claire Basler.

 I love this place so much I can't stand it.  It must be like living in a flower shop/art gallery mishmash of awesomeness.

She's French, of course.

photos:  Cool & Chic Style Fashion, Claire Basler