~so much rain!~

it has been raining and raining here

although that has been a smidge frustrating as swampy has some garden work that needs doing it has been great for the land~the ponds and some streams have been so very low and you can almost feel the earth gasping for water.

we have had enough here that many areas of the forest are flooded

today we are forecast heavy showers and high wind and the showers are forecast for another ten days.


i am feeling a wee bit better today, i am coughing less and it is less intense when i do cough. of course i have yet to see how it will affect my m.e and fibro.

still if i can get out and potter in the garden a bit (when it is not all water logged!) i will be happy,
i am getting a bit stir-crazy being stuck in so much.


we have our stonewylde gathering in twenty days and so we have both had to sit down and decide what to wear.
usually its not a major problem but as friends are going to be handfasted at avebury on the saturday of the gathering we decided we needed something a bit special.
so we have bought things from

i have gone for a medieval skirt, top and laced corset vest combination with a loop belt and belt pouch...photos to come after the gathering!


i have just also ordered some crafting supplies to make some necklaces~choker and long over the head ones~for etsy, and to take to the sunday market of the gathering.
i have been toying with the ideas for them for ages and finally settled on soul star and earth star gemstone necklaces.
i am hoping it all arrives tomorrow morning so i can have a good weekend of crafting.
i have also ordered myself a couple of little extra bits for my own 'charm' necklace-i always think its a good advert to wear things you craft!


well time to go and be busy!