Finally the exams are over, until now I have the grades of Ecology
with an 86 & Physics with 74 I know they're aweful but let's see
the other ones which I think will be the same or worst, I always
wanted a relax semester & I think this would be the one, the bad
thing is that I feel a failure more than the usual but whatever. The
first photo was minutes later for our Grammar exam, we are smart
but we are lazy, or that is just me, but I didn't want to study a day
before, & like it was to expect I think I fail the exam. 
Today was not my best day but it had good moments, I was with
my boyfriend all the afternoon & with more friends at his house, then
we went to my house & we had a great time, until my parents arrived
typical they misinterpret everything but it was nice.