Weekend at Grandma's

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be spending the weekend at the Duke's Grandmother's castle.

William and Kate are off to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to rest up from an amazing day of wedding festivities.

 On another note, with all the coverage of the wedding (and the DRESS!), I haven't found one image of the SHOES SHE WORE.  Help a sister out.  

Does anyone know what her shoes looked like?!

Hope you get to spend your weekend in a castle!!  xo

Now For Some Pretty Because Frankly I'm Tired Of Looking At Devastation

Flowers!  Bridal Bouquets!  Weddings!
'Tis the Season

 I *love* this bouquet!!!

All photos: Flowerwild Designs

How Bad Was It?

I can't think of any words to say....
Can you imagine if this was YOUR town?!

Nothing Else Seems to Matter

We are keeping the people of Alabama in our thoughts and prayers this morning..

And THANKING OUR LUCKY STARS that Jack is fine.

Jack (my stepson) is a sophomore at The University of Alabama.
He was in his off-grounds apartment when the tornado ripped through the town of Tuscaloosa.  Apparently, he and his 2 roommates took cover in the bathroom, crouching in the bathtub.

Mother Nature is powerful.
I hope you and your loved ones stay safe today.

At Age 43, I Need All The Help I Can Get

I've never seen a video promoting a book, but her accent is reason enough to watch!

I will definitely be on the lookout for this at 
Barnes & Noble.
Will you?!

I had no idea this book existed until I read about it on A Femme d'un Certain Age.

Karen Lewis Photograhy

 It's been awhile since I've done an art-y post.

Nothing like jumping back on that horse with some cool photography....

Color Me Happy (With a Marjorie Skouras Design)

Nice nook, yes?


Catching up on my blog reading this weekend, I was so happy to read that my blog-friend, Kellie has followed her dream and opened an online shop.

I hope you take a minute to check out

(don't you love the name?!)

Kellie has outdone herself -- read all about her fabulous launch party and the invitations that she had made.  (Ahem, acrylic invitation with malachite-paper lined envelopes?!  A girl after my heart.)  

Kellie's blog:  Cashon & Co.

Sea-fan coral looks amazing in this flower arrangement, yes?!


So...what can you find in this new shop? 
From art, to gorgeous jewelry, and of course things for the home, you will find amazing and unique items.  I have pulled some of my favorites from the site to show you.

Congratulations, Kellie!!

Wishing you much success with CURIO!

Austere Exteriors Can Be Deceiving

Hold on to your hats Easter bonnets, Dreamer's Den fans... this gem of a home in Warsaw is *gorgeous*.

 mmmm, hmmmm.  (and cute puppy can stay.)

Have a great weekend!  xo

photos:  Miss Design