Today is the birthday of a friend & now he is 18th, we were
 with him all the time in school, it was nice. Also I went to my
 grandparent's house & my grandma did this amazing cupcake!
 It's so cute & pink & like barbie! Haha it was delicious too!!
 & well a photo of my mom with it. Now I'm off to bed, nite, nite

~no? really?!~

this is what i imagine you would say if i told you that several times this week the temperature in our garden has hit as high as 119f



yes it has, most days it has been too hot to do anything out there.
during the shady moments at the start and end of the day i have done a little planting~moving some bulbs and plants as swampy has mapped out the footprint of the grrl-cave
 (we have picked out a 8x6 pent roofed shed!)
and we had to rescue the plants.

i have also been planting out some plants we bought last week, but now i need to plant out more that we bought on wednesday when we took my ma out for the day!

my internal body clock has been waking me around 6am each morning and this morning i had an early bath, for which i had to forgo my morning yoga session...with m.e and fibro my life is full of compromises~the actual physical effort of bathing tires me out so no 'spoons' for yoga as well (i usually have a bath before bed that way i can just collapse into bed then!)
i have just hung a little washing out on the line and had a mug of lemon tea before we take flynt for a run over the forest.

today we are travelling up to the malverns for two days (hence the early bath) as swampy has a 'busfest' (until last year was known as vanfest) meeting~i took a step back from being actively involved last year~there was wayyyyy too many chiefs and egos for my liking.
we are not going until after 3 as i have a doctors appointment to discuss my diabetes medication and for the doctor to look into my suspected arthritis.

later today i will help swampy load up Pretty Pagan and off we go...must not forget to pack books and crochet!

Today was one of that weird days that happens a lot of things
that you never in your life imagine that would even happen, 
you know what? I hate that "Friendzone" now I have 2 of my
best friends with that situation & that's not pretty at all, I'm falling
for one & the other is falling for me. Anyways we had class in
the photoshop studio in university, so I learned more things to
do in photoshop which I'm very excited! & in Listening & Speaking
our miss gave us gold stars because we did good our job, I 
remembered my kindergarden years with it!! it was funny

We Were Barefoot

I was talking with an old friend yesterday, and somehow the subject of age came up.
I mentioned something about being 20; 
she said,  

"yeah, we were barefoot."

I wish I could have a conversation with my 20 year old self.  There are so many things I would tell her.  I wonder if she'd listen.

all photos:  Spell
I finally did a new lookbook! Yesterday I was wearing
this funny jeans/leggings whatever this is haha so I though
it was nice to do a lookbook, but well I'm gaining weight
& I really don't like that, I'll work on that, for now you can
see my new lookbook here by the way yesterday I was not
in humor so my smile was like all fake & weird
So... Latetly I haven't been at my best, I'm starting to believe
that no matter how many times your heart can be broken, it
always hurt the same when they break it, the only thing I can't
understand as much as I think about it is: "why did you told me 
that you didn't want to try anymore & that we should leave it 
like the best friends we are & then the next week you come back
telling me that you think you love me? & that you want to be
with me but you don't know what to do?"  I understand, I've been
there, I got confused in some point of my life too, but I can't relate on
it, I'm telling you that is not pretty neither to be in your position nor
mine, you start to wondering what's wrong with you? what did you miss?
 what did you do bad, am I not enough for you? am I not what you
expected? I don't keep your expectations? You start to low yourself-steem
& sometimes you start to overthink things that wasn't there in the first
place, so... make up your mind or while you decide what to do I'll be
absence for a time. Because I don't want to get hurt more than Iam now
& I don't want to become more insane than Iam, overthinking all the time...
As you can see, we went to take breakfast at Chai again, but
this time we went with 3 more friends, personally I liked most
the other because we had a different talk like more serious, but
this one was cool too, because we were laughing a lot! We had
a good time, Danny & Santi just left my house right now, we were
doing a video for Journalism Web I'll show you the link to my other
blog that is about my personal opinions about news, so I can relate
that now I have 3 blogs, it's awesome & so addictive.

Going Beyond The Flavor

We have so many talented people here in Charlottesville.  Two of the most talented photographers I know have teamed up and created 
Beyond the Flavor....

Coupling their skills as photographers with their love of food, Andrea Hubbell and Sarah Cramer are telling great stories.  They are going behind the scenes of amazing restaurants, talking with the chefs, and documenting the interviews with amazing photos.

 Learn about Sarah HERE

Learn about Andrea HERE

To read the articles and see more fantastic photos:

all photos:  Andrea Hubbell, Sarah Cramer
Also today we had our photoshoot & the theme now is
about self-portrait so my best friend was the model now
& as always me as a photographer (& I love that haha)
it was pretty nice I think, my friend Ren was interrupting
all the photos he could! haha it was funny after all & they
took some photos with us(: