THIS Is Why I Blog

So you know how we putz around on the internet and see lots of cool things?  Most of the time I hem and haw about taking the time to put together a post, ever it good enough?  Will people like it?  Will it be new and exciting and not the same shit/different day?  
And for most of my posts I really like the things I share, (some I look back on and wonder what the hell I was thinking), and then there are the really, really good things I find that I wish 
every. single. post. 
could be filled with.

Here they are - flowers, art, tall ceilings, huge windows, a claw foot tub, and even a disco ball.

They're all here in one place:

The Studio/House of artist Claire Basler.

 I love this place so much I can't stand it.  It must be like living in a flower shop/art gallery mishmash of awesomeness.

She's French, of course.

photos:  Cool & Chic Style Fashion, Claire Basler