full moon blessings to all my friends here in the blogosphere
i think the full moon has drained my energies-for the three days leading up to this harvest moon i have not been sleeping properly-waking in the night with a head full of ideas, one night laying listening to music until way past 5am.
last night i finally slept not waking until 10am which is astonishingly late for me
i think too the week of de-clutter has worn me down, used the few 'spoons' i have.
but it is appropriate that in this time between the equinox and the harvest moon that i have been this busy...the harvest moon represents clearing the clutter internally and externally so it feels like the end of the time of de-clutter.
now its time to really withdraw and spend the dark days and nights that lead us to samhain.
my new room-the half a room that has been turned into the new grrl-cave is almost finished-i have a few things sitting on the floor that will go back into the shed...sorry the man-cave...later today, a few things that need to be returned to their originators, two shelves and a picture to go up.
once that is done i will be making some 'curtains' for a couple of the shelve fronts, just so i don't have all the shelves open.
evangeline sits nicely behind the door and so does not take up any room at all.
so its all nearly ready...my own space within a space where i can sit and actually create the ideas that have been filling my head.
oh and what ideas, things i have wanted to try for ages but never thought i should
sacred items to wear about the person
all kinds of things...