I really should not be too busy to blog-i apologise.
its been a busy time since i last posted, crafting, working on my web site, getting over this last bout of lurgy, keeping on top of the cleaning here...lots of rain means muddy paw prints.
i am feeling happy because since the launch of *twa* just after samhain i have had three sales and one commission...say yayyyy!
the weather her today is appalling-so dark, windy and raining. i bundled up to go get my undercut a grade 4 with the clipppers and arrived home to the good news that my Gudrun Sjoden coat sold for £20 more than i bought my harris tweed for (long story...original buyer did not pay me so had to re-list etc...what a mean person)
now i just remembered i never posted a picture for you...
apologies for dirty boots (they look just shocking...they are clean now) and i am not looking too healthy as this was when i was still getting over the lurgy.
i have enjoyed being out bundled up in harris-he, yes he has a gender...is so warm and snuggly.
so winter has really set in here in this ancient forest-we have a huge oak only meters from our little house...easily hundreds of years old and it is happily shedding its leaves over us all and last week we had a text from calv to say he and one of his girls were lurking under our bathroom window...
we have a small alley that runs down the side of both our houses and calvs front door is tucked back in this little alley and walking home in the dark they came across this...

as we were watching he/she tucked into a nice worm and then the 'hedgehog bites' i scattered down for him/her. as we have had a new fence put in between us and calv at the side means a new hedgehog hole needs cutting into the fence.
i am hoping he/she will hibernate in my hedgehog house this winter