~dowsing avebury~

stopping for a quick chat among the stones~

seasprite,yours truly,crystal and swampy

i was given these dowsing rods by a very good friend, carp, who is also responsible for my learning the didgeridoo...(he is also responsible for the avebury photos posted here today~thank you!)

he started dowsing last year and i was going to eventually ask him to have me a set made~but he surprised me with these on saturday, so of course i wanted to try them immediately and luckily for me carp had been on a dowsing workshop in avebury and so knew what to show me.

yours truly and crystal dowsing the bands of energy

starting at the bottom of the stone the rods detected different bands of energy~we did it singly, then with two of us then with three and our rods all detected the energy at the same time~it was a fantastic experience~even swampy, who never really believed it had a go and was amazed.

of course it wasn't all dowsing~there was plenty of chatting and laughs

roses and lizziefairy

crystal and kit

feeling the vibrations from the 'devils chair'

lovely fae folk :)