~posting a day late~

we took a beltene stroll to the old clay pits this morning

the sun was 'sort of shining' and the rabbits hurried away as we appeared~the buzzards who had been crying their cries earlier were nowhere to be seen.


the day ran away from us at this point for we had to take my sister's dog billy to the vets as he has an allergy to some plant here int he forest and so needed a couple of injections.
we dropped him back at mum's, reassured her he was okay, had a cup of tea and came away with two small hawthorn saplings from her garden.

i have a plan to have as many of the sacred tree's as possible on our small patch of land and to date now have***

rowan~long known as an aid and protection against enchantment,indicates protection and control of the senses from enchantment and beguiling and of course sacred to the Druids and Brigit. It is a very magical tree used for wands, rods, amulets and spells

oak~has been considered sacred by just about every culture, but it was and still is held in reverance by the Druids and Celts because of its size and long life.

holly~associated with the death and rebirth symbolism of winter.In Arthurian legend, Gawain (representing the Oak King of summer) fought the Green Knight, who was armed with a holly club to represent winter.

hazel~enlist the aid of plant fairies by stringing hazelnuts on a cord and hang up in your house. Magically, hazel wood is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and poetic inspiration.

hawthorn~the tree closely associated with Beltene and which is filling the land with its white flowers.


its been a weekend of distractions; trying to get my essay finished, helping swampy where i can with the final stages of fitting out 'pretty pagan' and of course small pups demanding attention!

still i finally am able to publish this post!