Today we had our last photoshoot with the theme of
"Playing with the lights" & this one well I don't know
but I like the idea but the photos this time are like not
so cool because our idea was a little difficult to do & also
my friend was very low so we needed to use another
tripod to do the photo, but it was so fragil & my camara
well, I little heavy haha so it was constantly moving &
the photo was like out of place & as you can see crooked
haha but I hope we can fix that with photoshop haha
this are the best 3 photos I took, "We took" because
of course we are a team, & everyone is in charge of
different things, for example: I take the photo, another
do the lights, another put the flash, etc. Also the next
theme of the photoshoot will be "Self portrait" & guess
who is gonna be the model? yeah me haha oh' well
Hahaha I forgot it, if you don't get the concept of
the photo is like a skeleton playing a guitar, supposedly :$