~the blanket of mist~

there is a blanket of mist over the forest today that is slow to lift

i lit a candle last night
i sat for an hour under the stars before a fire, burning earth-spirit incense
thinking of the passing of a soul to the summerlands
 hoping my thoughts would help in this journey to a new beginning.

then today i saw that
rima and her community lost a truly special person last month

and dear robyn lost her friend last week

 people i do not know and people i am connected too in different ways
 but loss is still the same whatever the connection.

so today finds me feeling that the mist layering itself across the trees of this ancient forest has caught me in its arms-i feel encased in a blanket of sadness and lethargy

for the last few days i have been strongly feeling the coming of spring, the great wheel has turned and the air is slowly warming-twice now we have walked across the forest with no coats, hats or mittens, with the smell of the sun warmed heath filling our noses and the gorse bright yellow in the green.
so perfect

we have crocus, daffoldils appearing and the fritillaria in the flower bed i am developing in front of my nook to be a constantly evolving 'alter' look wonderful.

mirroring this my spririts have been high and our little house has been a happy place.

today feels different

its almost as if spring has withdrawn a little to enable the sadness to work its way out into the world, that sadness would not be right under the bright blue sky and warm sun

the mist has now lifted and i am sitting here keeping watch on the windows for a sign that the clouds are breaking  to bring back the sunshine into my heart.

so i can go out and feel the warmth and tend our garden...