Today I also had a nice time with my best friends! Meanwhile we
were on Radio Class, my best friend (the first one that appears) &
I were playing the guitar & making up funny songs haha it was very
fun(: also when the school finished my other best friend & I had a
nice time talking & we took this lovely pictures (from my point of
view I fell in love with them! haha :$ ) Also today I learned something
very impportant that well I told myself not to do it again but here we
goes Paulina! People have great confidence on me because when
people tell me their problems, things, whatever, I'm not telling anybody
about them, but today I just forgot that I should remain quiet no matter
what or no matter how many time have pased, it won't happen again
it must not happen again haha because I'm not like that, I just said it
without knowing the consequences :S I think is all for now(: