~up & about~

i have been up and about now for a few days, but still not feeling too great.

i still have some pain but no-where near as bad as during the first week out of hospital.

*my visit to the hospital was the first i had ever had~how had i made it 43 years without a stay in hospital i ask myself?!*

i have to say despite dreading the night away from home it was not too bad at all.

i spent the first six hours after my operation in the big general hospital~the first few hours only being able to lay flat~as they had operated through my femoral artery i was not allowed to move until the wound had stopped bleeding and healed over a little.
then i was transferred by ambulance to the women's hospital just over the road, the princess anne where i remained until the following afternoon.

i was in a small ward with only two other women and it was nice a peaceful~the only trouble was the 'ob's'~ checking us every two hours on the hour including throughout the night.
i admit to not actually being able to sleep due to the pain and sickness but the one or two times i did manage to nod off i was woken for 'ob's'~my blood pressure, temperature, checking of the wound and a finger prick for my blood sugar level.

the worse thing was the heat though~i sleep throughout the year with a bedroom window open, i feel as if i am suffocating if i cannot feel nice cool air around me.
well i was in the bed furthest from the window!
by the morning both my temperature and blood pressure was sky high and i asked to be moved to a window bed with the window open. this soon lowered my temperature and blood pressure and when my consultant came over to see me he agreed that going home would be the best option as i was obviously distressed!


i have now been up and about for the whole day for three or four days and i have been out of the house a few times. for two evening i have been on a short, slow walk over the forest with swampy to walk flynt~yesterday it was drizzling but warm and it felt so good to be out. the one other time swampy took me to a hobby shop to buy some yarn~they didn't have what i wanted so i ended up buying a book~one i have wanted for some time~the stitch n' bitch crochet:the happy hooker

already it has helped me figure out a few minor and one more major crochet niggles~so money well spent.

i am still having to take strong pain killers with the associated anti-sickness tablets and yesterday started having to take tablets for stabbing pains in my tummy~now i had these before my operation so a bit unsure why i should still be having them~i guess i shall see how it goes over the next week.