today was my first walk out across the forest with swampy and little flynt for days and days~it was slightly chill and blustery over the forest but wrapped in my poncho and wearing thick warm socks with my beloved Birkenstocks (i have no shame in wearing funky patterned socks with my birks!)~it felt so good to be out and i felt the cobwebs of my recent ill health blow away in tatters, drifting off across the moorland and surrounding trees like tatters of cloud, racing upwards to join the clouds passing over our heads.
i did struggle a little for my m.e has not been too good and on wednesday i had to give in to it, something i don't do very often, and go to bed~my joints and muscles were aching so badly i could have cried, and i spent my time in bed placing a hot water bottle onto my joints in turn to ease them.

there were lots and lots of varieties of mushrooms~plenty of field mushrooms, including these making up a partly formed fairy ring (sorry the dreaded fuzzy blackberry was in action again!)...



plus assorted tiny ones of differing colors, which has reminded me to buy an identification guide so i can pick the edible ones when out.
i adore mushrooms and could, much in the way of hobbits, eat a fine, big plateful of freshly cooked ones quite easily.
its also time for me to track down some sweet chestnut trees and bring myself home some chestnuts~although i no longer have the open fire on which to roast them~unless i take myself down the road to my mum and make the use of her open fire.
beech nuts are also lovely if you can get some.


the forest is feeling so autumnal now, i really think we have seen the last of true summer, but its really no surprise as we are so close to the autumn equinox~is it really so close? where did the days go since the summer solstice?
blown to tatters and taken by the wind no doubt.

i am looking forwards to the darkening days, some of you older readers will know i am a soul of the autumn and winter~times of introspection, withdrawl, dark days and wild weather.