~cut, paste & fibromyalga~

this is mostly a cut and paste from my M.E blog as i do not have the energy to do a whole new post~so apologies if you have been there first!

i was lucky enough to get a 'same day' doctors appointment today that has opened another door to another problem.

i have had increasing pain in what i can only describe as my bones and joints, a deep aching, pain that makes me grit my teeth and feel close to tears~more recently the pain has become so intense i have been able to do little more than lay in bed with a hot water bottle to ease the many points of pain.

well my doctor is 99% sure i have a cross-over of M.E and Fibromyalga~he examined me for the fibromyalga pressure points~oh my and did some of those feel tender!
i am off for the blood tests that will rule out any other possible problems in two weeks and have a follow up appointment with my gp in six weeks to see how the amitriptyline helps me with the pain and my sleep.

he sent me away with a few web sites to find more information and a lot of things that don't quite fit in with my M.E now make a lot of sense to me~which makes me sure that he is right with his diagnosis.

so something new to manage and learn to live with!

~but i am still smiling~