~hello!~notes from an honest blogger~

well sort of.

i have been out of hospital since late last wednesday and have been in no fit state to do anything but lay in bed, taking lots of pills, sleeping, dozing and feeling utterly miserable...oh and losing weight~i have lost about a stone and i now have legs like chicken-little!

the only food i have been able to handle have been yogurt and grapes and the only fluids ice cold water, a ginger and lemon grass cordial, lemon and ginger tea made by swampy and Indian tonic water.
last night swampy did me steamed broccoli and grilled salmon as i had become so hungry and the constant sickness subsided~i managed half of it.

this morning i sat up gingerly and announced 'i am feeling quite chipper today'~well that didn't last long i can tell you but decided that as i had to do a bit of jigging with my bank via my online banking, i thought i would pop by here and say hello and let you know i am in the land of the living although some of you may have notice i have been slightly active on twitter~its easy to lay here and post short tweets.


here is a fuzzy picture on my bedside table~the little~weeny crochet bag and Tisserand 'de-stress' roll on oil is from a lovely soul up in Yorkshire.
oh the oil raised my spirits~it is a combination of patchouli, rose and orange oils.


well i cannot continue~ i am amazed i have made it this far!

all being well i shall entertain you with my adventures in hospital tomorrow.