~my bookshelf~

~nellie and skye both have posts about their bookshelves and so i am joining in the fun and spreading the idea~

i wonder what the contents of my bookshelf tells about me?


our bookshelf has six shelves, with four given over to books and two for bits and bobs.
i have to say i have two other bookshelves however~a tiny little tucked in a small corner space facing my six shelves and a huge custom built one in our front room which takes up one whole wall and home to many, many books and our collective cd/dvd collection~but it is still too small and we are contemplating using the larger end wall in the room for an even bigger one~the possibility of not buying books is not an option!

for this post i shall look at the books/bits and bobs shelves...

~'one hundred years of solitude' by gabriel garcia marquez
~all of armistead maupins 'tales of the city'
~'wilderness man' by lovat dickson
~all of laura ingles wilders 'little house'
~'earth wisdom''sacred celebrations''herbal healers''a hedgerow cookbook' by glennie kindred and many other books on paganism/druidry...if i listed them all here this would be a long old post!
~'touch the earth~a self portrait of indian existence' by t.c mcluhan
~'ordeal by hunger~the story of the donner party' by g.r stewart
~'where the heart is' by billie letts
~stephanie meyer's 'twilight', 'new moon' and 'eclipse'~i am buying 'breaking dawn' to read during my post-op recovery.
~'the heart of the trail~the stories of eight wagon trail women'
~assorted bill bryson
~'dog heaven'
by cynthia rylant
~'fried green tomatoes at the whistlestop cafe' by fannie flagg
~all harry potter books by j.k rowling
~'driving over lemons~an optimist in andalucia' by chris stewart
~'gone with the wind' by margaret mitchell
~'doctor zhivago' by boris pasternak
~the 'stonewylde' books by kit berry
~'the pop larkin chronicles' by h. e bates
~all of tove jansson's 'moomin' books from my childhood~and i still read them today
~'the shipping news' by annie proulx
~the gormenghast trilogy by mervyn peake
~'the civil war' by g.c ward
~'the west' by d.duncan and g.c ward
~all of michael palin's travel books
~a hardback of the complete chronicles of narnia by c.s lewis~i have all of my paperback ~copies from the seventies on the 'monster' case
~assorted gardening/vegetable books
~'the complete advetures of curious george' by margaret and h.a rey
~'cosmos' and 'comet' by carl sagen/ann druyan


there are many, many more so i will not continue with my list of books.
as for the 'bits and bobs' i have part of my collection of mugs, two of codys toys, two ceramic piskies that belonged to my nan, a collection of small bears and bear memorabilia from tahoe, and a 'bunnykins' bowl from the 1920's or 30's.


so what is on your bookshelf?