~elements of self *eyes~

i am somewhat behind with the lovely juliana's 'elements of self' but here is my picture this week~and i even cringe with this incomplete image~but its okay as it only shows a little of me

this are my dads eyes~i have my dads coloring, pale, freckeld, red head.
my mum and all of her closest family are very dark people, although looking at my photo of my great granddad johney gaul, i don't think he is of very dark ancestry~even though its a very old picture he does not seem to have dark eyes.

according to my dad my welsh granddad had very dark hair~although i only remember him being pure white~but his eyes were blue grey, like mine, my sisters and my dads.

the older i get the weaker they get and i now find myself having to get new, stronger, glasses every year and although i have diabetes, as yet i have had a clean bill of health at my yearly diabetic eye screening.

i dont really have anyhting else to say, they are my eyes, nothing special.