~teeth & rain~

i had an early night last night~i had my bedroom windows and curtains open and lay listening to the wind and rain~it was wonderful!

today i seem to have a day of two halves so far
to my left, facing south east, there are a few rays of sun shining out from among the cloud which is light grey. to my left which is approximately south west the clouds are as dark grey as they could possibly get~according to the weather forecast it will be another breezy, showery day.

we are off to the dentist today~swampy has had bother with a particularly troublesome tooth and he had the option of a root canal if the last work he had done was not successful.
well, he has had a lot of pain and chatted with his dentist over the phone~the tooth is actually cracked and the dentist is not 100% sure the root canal would work long term and so he is opting for an extraction rather than have further trouble.

luckily i have pleny of soup available for the poor old soul later!