~grey day & rain~

what a night!
actually what an afternoon, night and morning!

the rain here has nearly been constant and the winds so high it is like winter.

the rain set in as showers over yesterday, becoming heavy during the night.
the high winds seemed to come from nowhere and have been (according to the weather forecast) 50-60 miles per hour~which i can highly believe.

but we are only five miles from the mouth of the lymington river which opens into the solent.
we get the sea winds off the solent or channel depending on the wind direction and when it blows we certainly know about it~some days on the high moors you can even smell the salt in the air~its glorious!


a lot of our plants have been well and truly battered down, mostly the wild flowers on codys bed~our branches that have been stacked waiting for our summer night fires had blown down and oh so nearly crushed our young oak and my solitary 'experimental' cucumber and by the looks of it severed our evening flower and to top it all one of my best tomato plants blew over and been severed at the base. i shall rescue the tomato's and ripen them inside.
the good news is that my blueberry seemed to be totally impervious and i lost no fruit.


dark summer day 2

dark summer day 3

as i sit here looking out of the window the rain is pouring down again and the sky is a seamless blanket of many shades of grey.

so i sit, thinking of putting the kettle back on for an uncharacteristic second cup of lemon tea and plan my day.

i admit i have been at a bit of a lose end with no studies to occupy me and i have been having trouble getting started on anything right now.

maybe that's what my body is telling me i need though? more rest? less brain activity?

because of my m.e i had to put so much more energy into my studies that i am sure it is taking time to recoup those energies and put me on some kind of even keel.

~i think its a day to drift and be gentle with myself~