i am unwell today

last night out of nowhere i came down with a summer cold.

earlier in the day my nose felt a bit sniffy but i paid it no mind~by bed time it was a full blown cold

today i am being supplied with home made honey and lemon drinks and although i stayed in bed for a while my legs started to get restless and needed to move.
i have been on the sofa with another honey and lemon watching the Tour, as its a monumental mountain stage and not to be missed.

i am now fading fast and i expect once swampy is back from walking my sisters dog (they are all at her second graduation today~criminal studies and they are publishing her dissertation!)~ i shall be taking myself back to bed, thank goodness i am recoding the Tour~i dont even have the heart to pick up my crochet.

i had a hiccup with it last night~i decided to try my hand at a granny square and used the pattern form my 'simple crochet' book but instead of the start of it looking like four petals mine looked like a wheel!

i have no idea whats going on there!