~from my sickbed~

another fuzzy photo!

from my sick bed

my word, that's dreadful!

this is my bedside table~a painted (and unintentionally distressed) dining chair housing my wind-up radio, olbas pastilles, olbas oil, strepsils i was using before swampy found the olbas, glasses (taken off as i was getting a headache, little box which houses bits and bobs and a half finished lemon and honey.

as you can guess i am back in bed and the reason for having my laptop here with me is that i just watched my sister graduate :) plus i found a really good youtube video of an american guy doing a granny square.

oh i know i am ill but its been bugging me so much~anyway i think i have it filed away in the old grey matter now!

the camera has been found by the way so there is no excuse for such a dreadful picture.
however,i am refusing to use it until swampy has uploaded a load of photos of steam trains onto his own computer. he always takes loads of garden photos which end up on my computer, accumulates and slows everything down.

well thats it for now!