my, it feels as if i have been away for ages, but in reality its been just a few days.

yesterday was my first full day out of bed, although this morning i am not feeling my best~it keeps coming back as if its the first day of my cold rather than the end.
swampy has now come down with it now but of course he has 'man flu'!

i will catch up with your blogging over the next day or two.


this week is the week for the new forest show~today is the first day and the weather has remained nice. we are going tomorrow so i hope the sun stays away.

it has been so hot and humid here for days now~yesterday was awful~i know its terrible to say that but it was~the sky was covered in dark clouds, but no rain fell and the heat was pretty much unbearable.
we had a fan going but the noise of the fan was just as bad as the heat!

it actually feels a little cooler today however although the sun is just starting
to burn through the clouds.

*i hope its cooler where you are today*