~oh what a night...~

i went to bed at 10.30 last night, which is very late for me~i had stayed up to watch jo brand

this woman rocks!


i have to say i am feeling a tad jumpy today, expecting the government nannies to come a' knocking at my door for i have been an irresponsible drinker~oh yes i have.

last night i went a bit wild and drank two...yes two...bottles of cider.

now this is a very rare occurrence for me indeed, but for some reason i really fancied cider last night, and more than one.

however on close inspection of the label of bottle number two i realised to my horror and shame that i had exceeded the recommended daily unit limit for a 'responsible' female drinker.

oh the utter shame.

i am sorry i am being particularly evil today and of course, as i did my teenage/ early adult growing up in the eighties and early nineties, i have the whole 'little miss angry', anti-government, anacrchic comedy, cnd, peace camps, protest thing forever embedded under my skin.

i utterly loath all the nannying 'aware' small print on drink and food stuff and voice overs that precede some tv programmes we are bombarded with the whole time~even on the news channels for goodness sake.

now to me news should provide us with newsworthy information~famines, war, social injustice etc etc etc~to me a warning about the use of flash photography and accompanying film of some emaciated female...only famous because of a) football player husband/boyfriend b)plastic enhanced body c)fame found via one of those truly awful 'lets find another star for five minutes' talent shows or d) all of the above...is not news.

i digress~i enjoyed my two irresponsible bottles of cider and may well do it again one day.


on a lighter, less little miss angry note i had my knitting bag out yesterday...and not for knitting either.

i have had 'crochet block' for just about ever~my mum has tried to show me, my neighbour has tried to show me, but they both did their own kind of 'freestyle' crochet and it confounded me, frustrated me to the point of tears.

now as some of you know i am a basic knitter, but am so slow~so very slow a knitter and the lack of progress i find frustrating.
i like the idea of just one hook and a single ball of wool to deal with and i was inspired by Ren's recent post over at fairysteps and the photo she posted of a beautiful piece of crochet she is working on~

how beautiful is it?
i adore it!

~i have to put a warning here~there are many beautiful things that Ren makes and sells and our friend roses (who makes my beuatiful silver jewellery~remember?) has a pair of her shoes~i have decided that my 'me treat' next year will be a pair of my own!

of course it will be a while before i am this good so am starting out making a simple granny square afgahn.
i spent ages yesterday working on the basics and i am confident that today i will start out on a small, experimental afgahn~i shall try to remember to take photos to post of my progress.