~come inside today~

i thought you might like to have a little tour of our 'roundhouse' today.

we still have not finished decorating since moving in~we need to do the walls of the bedroom and put a new floor down in the living room as well as paint the kitchen after we had new units put in.

i commented to robyn over at villa maria that even now i feel it is not right, it does not feel special yet~it needs more color~we will get there.

i plan to have it finished by either samhain or yule and between now and then buy some bits and pieces to make it feel more homely

bottles and jars in the bathroom

this large painting by my dad has followed me from room to room, house to house for over twenty years now

do you like our 'busy' fridge?

our kitchen is a mish-mash of odd pots, bowls and dishes~i love my huge, but heavy, wooden chopping board which i oil regularly

for jugs of iced tea~i gained a taste for it on my trips to america and canada and it always brings back wonderful memories

we still have not re-decorated after having our new kitchen fitted

beautiful sea glass & a cockeral from madiera

decoration at the back door

rosemary~rowan wand & handfasting invite for joining of two beautiful souls

our resident piskie

one of my piles of books which are scattered around the house

lake tahoe has a special place in my heart and i found this ash tray from one of the old hotels in Tahoe, harveys, not in amaerica but here in england

down there somewhere is harveys!

harveys at ground level~1998