~contemplation & growing things~

i sat in the garden in my pyjamas this morning~my body is in a routine of waking early these days which i love.

i love the feeling of being up and about before anyone else in our little tucked away road, no sound of cars being moved or front-doors banging or dogs barking-not that it happens much, we must live in one of the quietest roads in the village.
just me and my garden, bee's humming among the flowers and the birds singing like crazy.
the blue sky gave the promise of another hot day~this year we really are having a real summer

i like to contemplate in the garden, while i have the peace around me~today with the scent of sage incense i bought when last in burley.

i contemplated my sacred garden~or rather what sacred garden?
although i feel it is indeed a fae garden it is not feeling special~sacred right now~in fact with my recent flurry of revision and exam my path has been sorely neglected.
it doesn't take much does it?
but the couple of weeks i have had drifting since my exam has almost prepared me for picking up the threads that remain and is now allowing me to continue down my path.
i was going to say 'chosen path' there, but i didn't choose my path it has chosen me and it is high time i honour this

of color

for some reason i wanted bright red geraniums in pots on our little patio this year~i have two

this poppy was a tight bud last night when we went out to light our nightly candle for cody and we debated if it would be pure white or with hints of pink...

yellow loosestrife and corn cockle

yellow loosestrife and ferns which are one of my favorite plants and a very ancient species~my mum has many growing wild in her garden and when she finds tiny ones she pots them up and brings them to me~our fence to the south has shade all day and is the perfect spot

the guardian of the garden

of fruit & vegetables

my first attempt at chilli's~ 'Apache' and 'Cheyenne'

my tomato's are growing well but i think i started too late in the year

my first ever cucumber is coming along nicely