we have had no rain and almost constant sunshine for over a week here in our ancient forest.

its wonderful!

i have spent a little time putting in some bulbs and making tidy the clematis that grows over the arch at our front door, cutting back a lot of dead plants and yesterday swampy cleared the piles of oak leaves from the flower beds.
it looks much better.


we are feeling a little deflated today~we were supposed to be going to collect our little squishy today and because of a broken down vehicle the logistics of getting pups from the Isle of Skye has defeated us all and so we are now counting the 'sleeps' until next thursday~seven more sleeps!

in a way its been helpful...

it meant cancelling our dentist appointment made for next wednesday and we managed to get in for our check-up today, that's the dentist sorted for another six months.

also the soft crate we bought last wednesday still has not arrived despite the money going out of my account the same day and the food i ordered last friday has not arrived~so if neither had arrived by the end of today we could have no food and no nice little hidey-bed for squishy

and its my moontime and true to form i am feeling unwell~sick, crampy and grumpy.

so maybe it was meant to happen this way.

the good thing is we have seen some new video of squishy and his brothers and sisters playing in the snow~so cute!