~my boy is home~

we were able to collect cody from the vets yesterday and it feels so good to have him here.
he is doing everything he should~eating chicken and rice, little and often, drinking, pooping etc but is in a lot of discomfort from his stitches, although he has a pain-killer patch on his side. so we didn't get too much sleep last night.

the vet was lovely and explained everything to us (even providing the offending conker in a little pot!)...the bill however was not, on top of the £114 we paid on christmas day we had a further £678 to pay...help!!!
luckily we were able to pay £300 and they are letting us pay the rest in a few chunks...no we have no pet insurance although you can be sure will will from now!

does anyone have that kind of cash hanging around at this time of year?

please don't answer if you are a millionaire!

the important thing he is home!