~back to normal?~

i would say yes we are~here in the ancient place that is nova foresta we are slowly slipping into our usual routines

cody flew through his post-op check up with flying colors~only coming away with five days pain killers as the patch he has was obviously not doing what it should...but he is so much happier and in comfort now, its a joy to see after we were so close to loosing him.

today we took down our tree and assorted decorations around the forever home, but we did leave some white fairy lights up for the time being~a set draped across the top of our bookcase and another set over our mantel place/alter.
i have also left the wreath on our front door~taking off the yule decorations and i plan to have it as a piece of on-going work throughout the year to celebrate the festivals.

now things have settled i have been reading the two books i was given~

both are very enjoyable and its a joy to snuggle up in bed at night and read away until my eyes start closing~then i turn off the lamp and drift off to sleep listening to radio 4 (waking up just enough to turn the radio off an hour or two later!)

i love radio 4~for those of you who do not know, it is a non-music channel~news, arts, comedy, history, drama, politics...i have found that the older i get, the more i dislike listening to music i dislike in the hope i get to hear a single song or two that i do like~and given most of the music i listen to is way off the main stream, i find it a safer option to avoid music channels...although i have to say their 'religion and ethics' contributions are rather one sided to say the least...i tend to switch to classic fm come sunday.

maybe i am just getting old for i find all the 'shoutyness' of radio 1 and 2 irksome.

i celebrated the new year in my usual way~by not celebrating for my new year is the solstice~instead i was in bed by 8.30, i was feeling weary and tired and cody was in some discomfort and so i made him as comfortable as possible on the bed with me while i read.
when i turned off the lamp he stayed curled up beside me so i spent some time resting my hand on him and projecting my healing/protecting light onto him.


the setting blue moon~new years day

it was shining straight in the front room windows...