~what a few days~

i didn't have the heart for any blogging yesterday for when i called the vets, expecting to bring him home i was told to call back later when the vet was free~well vets themselves never tell you that your dog is fit to come home and so my heart sank into my boots.

despite being on a drip and antibiotics for 24 hours cody was still poorly, refusing food and drink and with nasty green discharge from his nose.
they had decided to x-ray him after all and would call us back later.

we were both sick with worry waiting for the call.

they must have worked quickly for they phoned back within half an hour to say there was something stuck in his lower intestine and when they had tried to put the breathing tube down him it brought up a huge amount of green bile~as he was sedated they were going to operate straight away as this was obviously something serious.

two hours later we called and they had removed a moldering conker(buckeye)which had been there for some time...they are very toxic to dogs and we have been very lucky not to lose our beloved cody.

he had to remain at the vets last night for he was still refusing to eat and drink, although they were sure that this was because he was still not recovered from the anesthetic.

we are much happier today for when i called this morning he was awake, bright, had eaten and drunk some water and if he continues to do so we shall be collecting him later this afternoon!